04 January 2013

{Book Review} What I’ve Done by JenNaumann

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What I’ve Done
Author: Jen Naumann
Pages: 303
Publisher: At or With Me Publishing
Release Date: March 2nd 2012
Rating: 3.5 – 4 Birds

Seventeen-year-old Lily Rossow is used to taking care of her burnout mother and 6-year-old sister Rose. But when her mother’s attempt to move the family to California only months before graduation goes horribly wrong, Lily faces the challenges of making a life for her and her sister in a new town while hoping her complicated past doesn’t find her. Things take an unexpected turn when two beautiful and helpful strangers come into Lily and Rose’s life. But nothing is easy for Lily. And when she uncovers a dark secret about these two mysterious men, she must make a life-altering decision-one that threatens to break the balance in an ancient battle between good and evil.

I have written this review 6 times. SIX. For some strange reason I just couldn't get it right. It was honestly the hardest review I think I have ever had to write. In. My Life. And let’s be clear here, I reviewed the House of Night series with out swearing……(in case you don’t know the HON series is the bane of my existence….I can’t even….)

After attempt 5, I tried to sort out what the hell the issue with me was. Generally, I just let ‘em have it, good or bad and walk away. The only thing I could come up with as to why I was stumbling on my wording was that Jen Naumann lives in the great state of Minnesota along with me. And while her whereabouts are listed as “In The Sticks” on her Twitter page, part of me still worried that since we did share the same state of dwelling, if this review wasn’t rainbows, butterfly's and 5+ stars, she was going to strap on some snow shoes, put on a hat, mittens, scarf, jacket, grab those hand warmer packets you need when you go skiing for a whole day, you know? And stomp up here to beat me with a lutefisk until I retracted even the slightest distaste for any part of her book.

The stupidest part of this whole thing was that I was flustered over writing a review for a book, I actually enjoyed.

Sure, okay, there were a few disjointed parts at the start that I felt needed more information to be 100% effective. Even after reading it I don’t entirely understand the title or tag line for the book since most the mistakes made in the book were the mothers, and just effected the kids who then reacted…but looking at the big picture it was a really well told story with

I truly enjoyed the plot and the new twist on the whole Angel thing. These days surprising anyone let alone, me with an Angel story (and with out using the word Grigori every 4 paragraphs) is a feat and a half! I stand and applaud most sincerely. I also really LOVED the despair, broken world she made feel unnaturally real. Seriously, it was tangible at times and I love when an author can take me there like that. When you read a lot, and also write as I do, sometimes it's not something you get to experience often.

So there is it. The big bad, stopped me in my tracks review of WHAT I’VE DONE. I would like to mention, Jen would never actually hurt me even if I did say her book sucked – at least I don’t think so…lol. And we here in Minnesota own cars, only snowshoeing for fun. Lutefisk = not really a weapon. And yes, we do have hand warmer packets for skiing and waiting at the bus stop…have you been here? It’s freaking COLD!


3.5 – 4 Bird rating.

3 half birdsnew


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  1. This sounds great! I read the synopsis on here first and was hooked. I got nervous about your introduction, but I'm SO happy you liked it. Now I will need to go get it ASAP.

    Great review! :)

    1. Also, ouch on how many times you wrote the review. I have that same problem some...no, a lot of the times. It's hard to express really how you feel and such!


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