21 January 2013

{Book Review} Stalk Me by Jillian Dodd

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Stalk Me
The Keatyn Chronicles #1
Author: Jillian Dodd
Publisher: Bandit Publishing
Published: September 1, 2012
Rating: 5+ Birds

Gossip girl meets Hollywood in this new series by That Boy author, Jillian Dodd.
Keatyn has everything she ever dreamed of. Her life is following the script she wrote for the perfect high school experience. She’s popular, goes to the best parties, dates the hottest guy, and sits at the most coveted lunch table.  
She’s just not sure she wants it anymore.
Because really, things aren’t all that perfect.
Her best friend is threatening to tell everyone her perfect relationship is a scam.  Her perfect boyfriend gets drunk at every party they go to. 
It’s exhausting always trying to look and act perfect.
And deep down, she isn’t sure if she has any true friends. 
To add to the drama, her movie star mom’s long-time fan has turned stalker.
An older man is flirting with her and telling her they should make a movie together. 
And she’s crushing on an adorable surfer. Dating a guy like him would mean committing social suicide. So she writes a new script. One where all the pieces of her life will come together in perfect harmony.  But little does she know, there’s someone who will do anything to make sure that doesn’t happen.

First thing's first: I adore Jillian and knew when I heard about this, I had to read it purely based on how much I loved her That Boy books!  So, past that, I thought more about it and figured, after getting a few bookmarks and some bracelets from her back in November, it was a no brainer to read!

Keatyn...what is there to say about Keatyn?  Teen who lives the glamorous Hollywood life, doesn't know who she is, and wants to script everything out in her head.  So, save from the whole Hollywood lifestyle - she's pretty much your typical teen girl!  I fell into a love/hate relationship with her quickly.  Any time she was completely self absorbed, I hated her.  Any time she was the laid back surfer girl, I loved her.  The question always remained, who is she really?  Her mom is a huge superstar in her own right, but has a stalker.

Or does her mom Abby have a stalker?  The entire book, the stalking is sort of put on the back burner, but in reading it, I could just see these little things throughout that led me to know exactly who the stalker was, and why Keatyn is the star of the book!  There are so many subtle hints during the book in the way characters talk to each other, look at each other, interact, that it had even me as a reader on my guard!

I do have to say, I think I adored every high school boy in this story for some reason or another.  There's Sander who I completely adore, and he lives with a secret.  Then there's Cushman who, for all intents and purposes, is the hottie who everyone (myself included) swoons over.  Brook - what can I say about him?  Swoon, swoon, and more swoon.  What? Surfer boys are hot!  And those are all just near the beginning of the book!  There's also the hottie of all hottie's - Aiden.  Dallas and Riley are mixed in too, but I didn't have any real feeling of who they are, so all I can think is "book 2, come to me right now!". 

Stalk Me left me wanting more.  I want to know more about Abby and Tommy...and Avery, Emery, Ivery and Gracie (because they are little cuties and I can't stand not knowing if they're ok!).  I want to know if Vanessa and RiAnne fell from social grace.  I want to know what happens with the stalker.  I want to know what happens with all the boys!  Team Cush, Team Aiden? I can't even begin to decide!  And most importantly, I want to know if Keatyn ever finds herself.

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