07 January 2013

{Book Review} Rogue

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Rouge (Cheveux Roux #1)
Author: Leigh Talbert Moore
Format: eBook
Published: November 11, 2012
Rating: 5 birds

Trapped in the underground theater world of 1890s New Orleans, Hale Ferrer has only one goal: escape. But not without Teeny, the orphan-girl she rescued from the streets and promised to protect.

Freddie Lovel, Hale's wealthy Parisian suitor, seems to be the easy solution. If only his touch could arouse her interest like Beau's, the penniless stagehand who captures her heart.

Denying her fears, Hale is poised to choose love until an evil lurking in their cabaret-home launches a chain of events that could cost her everything.

Wow!  This book captivated me immediately.   The story does have some points of being depressed  but somehow manages to find a glimmer of hope through the dark, scary and depressing times.   If you like historical, theatre or romance, then this book is for you!

The main character Hale has strength for herself and Teeny, an orphan that she took in and kept under her wing hidden until now.  She is a character who is bold,full of passion, beautiful and a talented singer. I love her interaction with all the other characters in the book.   The only way Hale could protect Teeny is to marry Freddie Lovel, who is a rich business man and admirer of Hale's singing.  That was her plan all along.  Somehow Hale gets some bumps along the way of her plan.

Hale meets Beauregard Faire or Beau as she finds herself interested in him.  The attraction is mutual.   Beau is the type of guy who will do anything for her.  I thought to myself that this type of guy was amazing and that Hale should go for him and run away taking Teeny with her. Hale was conflicted on what to do.  Should she continue with her plan with Freddie or ride off in the sunset with Beau even though he does not have the funds as Freddie did? 

Roland is another character who is Hale's best friend. There is nothing he wouldn't do for his friend and it shows through out the story.  It was great to see Hale having such a trustworthy friend!  I loved that Roland played the piano and helped Hale out with her singing.  You also get to learn about Roland's history a bit with Hale.

There are mature contents in this book so beware of when you read it. Some of those mature, seedy moments made my skin crawl but only for a short bit.  There are twists and turns at every page and kept me craving for more of the story.   The moment you figure something out, something else happens from you least expect it!  Great story.  I greatly look forward to the sequel since the first book left me wanting more. 





  1. I absolutely LOVED this book! It's historical fiction, but reads like a contemporary. I've been doing everything I can to get the word out. I can't wait for the second book!

  2. Thanks so much, Sarah! I"m so happy you liked Rouge! Best, :o) <3

  3. I loved it, too - everyone should give it a try. Mysterious pasts, romance, fear, theater, death, love and money - there's something for everyone in there. :)


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