16 January 2013

{Book Review} Beyond The Red Carpet

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Beyond the Red Carpet: The World of Entertainment Journalists
Author: Francine Brokaw
Format: Paperback
Pages: 185
Published: January 2, 2013
Publisher: Source Media Books
Rating: 4.5 Birds

Ever wonder what really goes on behind the scenes of the Oscars? Want to know which actors are funny and which ones are just plain boring? What is it like to interview Madonna, Robin Williams, and Pierce Brosnan?

All of these questions (and many more) are answered by veteran entertainment journalist Francine Brokaw. With a delightful mixture of wit and honesty, Francine gives readers an uncensored view of life as an entertainment journalist. In addition to her own perspective, Francine's colleagues across the country weigh in on questions like . . .

What is the best swag you've ever received?
What is the most memorable interview you've ever conducted?
Have you ever had to interview someone rude?
Perfect for a weekend read or as a companion text to an introductory course in mass media, Beyond the Red Carpet is an informative and entertaining book that covers every aspect of the business of entertainment journalism

Already I can see the wheels turning in your head: Why would a primarily YA blog read or even review a true life account of the insiders of journalism?  Simple: I love entertainment and media just as much as I love books!

From beginning to end, there is so much information jam-packed into this book about what it takes to be an entertainment journalist, to what the best and worst parts of being one are!  Though I'd have loved to have known some of the other simple things (like what's it like to interview some of the newer big names of our generation), it was great to see insight into what journalism really entails.  In the simplest of terms - it's NOT a normal job, takes a lot of patience and time, and can be extremely rewarding if that's your heart's biggest desire.

In a few small ways, some aspects of being a journalist seem to be a bit like being a book blogger.  Setting up interviews, for one, can sometimes be difficult and the harsh reality is - sometimes there's little to nothing that can actually be used from an interview. As many of you know from going to author events (especially if you've been to multiple events) there are times where you may not get an answer you're looking for, or may get something completely unrelated to the book that's being promoted.

So what did I actually take away from this book?  One, I could never ever be an entertainment journalist.  Two, take the time to learn other things about people before doing an interview.  And three, if you're a person that hasn't ever gone to an event (like a red carpet, convention, etc...) then you should definitely read this book so that you might understand just why that star you've wanted to meet for, oh, eternity, doesn't even acknowledge your existence.

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  1. "Beyond the Red Carpet" is an in depth look at the art of interviewing from the perspective of some of most seasoned journalists in America. Francine Brokaw assembled a great team and thematically wove their tales into a fascinating read. Not only do you get a fresh look at your favorite entertainers, you hear what went on while they were getting the story.

    Irene (Puyallup Plumbing)


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