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{Author Interview} Liz Ficher

We are thrilled to have Liz Fichera, author of HOOKED with us today on the blog! Be sure to check out the 4/5 Bird Review the book got HERE.
Hooked will be available January 31st, be sure to pre-order your copy!

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Hooked is your first YA novel but you previously have published two other Women's Fiction novels. What made you want to make the jump to YA?

This is an interesting question because I was writing women’s fiction and young adult fiction simultaneously. Sometimes what you write and what ends up catching a publishing house’s attention can be two different things. As it happened, CAPTIVE SPIRIT, my first published novel, is a story about two teen Hohokam Indians set during the sixteenth century. Because of its historical content, it was able to sell as women’s commercial fiction. While I love to read (and write) women’s fiction, my first love has always been young adult fiction.

There are a lot of Native American references in Hooked and racism (from both sides) play a huge role in the novel. What are you hoping readers take away from Hooked?

I should probably start by saying that I didn’t set out to write HOOKED with a social agenda in mind. The seed of the story just kinda started one day as I was driving down a long stretch of desert road near my home in Phoenix, Arizona, that borders the Gila River Indian Reservation. An image of a Native American girl waving a golf club at me popped into my head. The story grew from there.

That said, I would personally love to see more Native American characters in mainstream YA fiction, particularly strong Native American heroines. I would also love readers of YA fiction to remember that there’s this whole big world out here called the American Southwest that is so richHOOKED cover in Native American influences and cultures. There are over 20 tribes alone in my state. So, if a side benefit of HOOKED is to create that little bit of awareness, I will be happy. The best weapon against prejudice, in my humble opinion, has always been awareness and education. While I don’t expect it to go away—human beings are imperfect by design—maybe, just maybe, it can decrease and there can be understanding.

The ending of Hooked left me wanting a little more about where things were going for Fred and Ryan. I know that there is a book in works about Sam and Riley called Played, how much, if any, can we expect to see of Fred and Ryan in it?

Fred and Ryan do make an appearance in PLAYED as their story continues. Sam and Riley were my two fave secondary characters in HOOKED and I knew that I had to write their story for PLAYED because in many ways they were such opposites. To boot, I have a major crush on Sam. He was exactly the kind of guy in high school I would have totally crushed on, although he would never have known about it (I was painfully shy). It was so much fun to develop and write their story, while continuing with Fred and Ryan.

What's the best book you've read lately? Any book we must add to our TBR pile immediately?

I’ve read several lately that I would highly recommend. In no particular order, I loved John Green’s THE FAULT IN OUR STARS, Louise Erdrich’s THE ROUND HOUSE, and R.J. Palacio’s WONDER. I also recently re-read Sherman Alexie’s THE LONE RANGER AND TONTO FISTFIGHT IN HEAVEN, which is a book of compelling short stories. All, unputdownable for me.



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  1. Great interview and I must say, good choice to go with YA fiction- they are the best. I just think that a lot of YA fiction can be enjoyed by people of all ages. I have to say that I have been dying for a certain book to come out, "Stelladaur: Finding Tir Na Nog" by S. L. Whyte- it doesn't come out until March and I am dying. After reading your interview I have to say that I now have hope- "Hooked" looks amazing. Thanks for the recommendation!


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