Thursday, January 31, 2013

{Author Interview} Frank Griffin & James Desborough

Frank Griffin, owner of international photo agency Bauer Griffin, and James Desborough, award-winning British journalist and media commentator, authors of the book One Direction... What Makes ThemBeautiful, reveal what went into creating the book and the process of obtaining the unique collection of photos of the band and their fans.

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One Direction is a phenom. From the early days of them starting out as pop reality contestants on the UK’s X Factor it was clear that these five boys were different. Not only were they building a huge audience of loyal UK fans, across the world they were creating a buzz, which had never been seen before. To us it was clear that this movement was something special.

We understood that this was abnormal, something extraordinary and so we took an in depth look at what they were doing. The last band to shake the foundations of the US like this was The Beatles. When One Direction came to the US the reaction was similar. Thousands turned up to see them launch a simple signing tour around the country. That was the summer of 2011, and from then on we knew that we wanted to fully document their journey.

We were initially inspired to produce this book when we realized how many One Direction photos our Bauer-Griffin photographers had taken. We felt that that Directioners would love to see all of these images in one place. Many were images fans had never seen before, which we felt would become pictures they could cherish.
It took us about three months to chronicle One Direction's rise to fame on camera and sift through all of the images we had and narrow it down into 100 pages. We are really proud of the exclusive collection of images we have collated of band members Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne, Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson. Putting the book together was a very fun experience.
1D fans may expect a sequel to What Makes Them Beautiful sometime in the future. I think we covered everything in this book, although there are almost enough new pictures to do the next book. With the continued popularity of One Direction and their new album Take Me Home, ...What Makes Them Beautiful may easily become a series!
We were in front of the boys along the way from their start in England to their sell out shows at Madison Square Garden. The most astonishing thing is that the boys have changed very little throughout their meteoric rise to fame. When they started they were normal, grounded and fun-loving lads, who were greatly shocked by the fan reaction. Today they are not very different - except for the fact they have around $20m each in their bank accounts.

It will be fascinating to see how things develop in the next eight months. The band is going on a grueling tour and making a movie about that experience while, at the same time, they hope to record some new material for a third album before the end of the year. We know that Simon Cowell was very concerned about them not being burned out, but this will be the year to test that.

These guys are groundbreakers and it was right to celebrate their journey and provide a fun tribute for Directioners.

Watch for MMSAI’s review of this fab book, written by Owner Amber & Her 8 Year Old Daughter coming soon!

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