13 December 2012

{Book Review} Reaping Me Softly

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Reaping Me Softly
Author: Kate Evangelista
Pages: 220
Publisher: Omnific
Release Date: October 30, 2012
Rating: 4 Birds

Ever since a near-death-experience on the operating table, seventeen-year-old Arianne Wilson can see dead people. Just as she’s learned to accept her new-found talents, she discovers that the boy she’s had a crush on since freshman year, Niko Clark, is a Reaper.

At last they have something in common, but that doesn’t mean life is getting any easier. All while facing merciless bullying from the most powerful girl in school, Arianne’s world is turned upside down after Niko accidentally reaps the soul of someone she loves. This sends them both into a spiral that threatens to end Arianne’s life. But will Niko break his own Reaper’s code to save her? And what would the consequences be if he did?

Ever had a book that you were immediately drawn to because of the beautiful cover then you read it only to realize that the cover is the best thing about the book? Yeah, I’ve been burned by beautiful covers on more than one occasion! Fortunately, that was not the case with REAPING ME SOFTLY!

REAPING ME SOFTLY is a fast paced book that you will easily be able to read in a couple of days. The book is relatively short at 220 pages but Kate Evangelista does an excellent job of making each page count. The story is interesting and entertaining with enough twists to keep readers happy.

REAPING ME SOFTLY is told in alternating perspectives. It was great to be able to see the story from multiple characters’ points of view. I especially loved Death’s perspectives! I thought that was an interesting idea.

I loved the main characters Arianne, Ben and Niko. Arianne is a strong female character that faced some very difficult situations and handled them well. I loved that Arianne finally stood up to Darla, the school bully. Also, I was completely shocked with the twist about why Darla hated Arianne so much. Niko and Ben were both interesting male characters. Ben was just an all around good guy that had Arianne’s back no matter what. Niko had the whole mysterious thing going for him.

I really thought there was going to be a love triangle but I was pleasantly surprised to find there wasn’t. I do typically love, love triangles but I liked that this wasn’t the case between Arianne, Ben, and Niko. Of course, this could change in coming books!

REAPING ME SOFTLY is a great start to the trilogy and the ending has me eager to read book two. If you loved the Soul Screamers by Rachel Vincent, REAPING ME SOFTLY is sure to become an instant favorite!

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