29 December 2012

{Book Review} Boernewtyn

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Obernewtyn Chronicles Book 1
Isobelle Carmody
Format: Paperback
Pages: 244
Release Date: December 9, 2008
Publisher: Random House
Rating: 4 Birds

Elspeth Gordies is a Misfit, someone born with special abilities. But that’s a dangerous thing in her post-apocalyptic world run by the fanatical religious group called the Council. Unable to conceal her abilities completely, Elspeth is sent to the mountain work camp, Obernewtyn. The work isn’t as terrible as she expected, but a different danger looms. Experiments done by Dr. Seraphim leave the Misfits not quite themselves and a psychic probe is constantly on alert to capture any that show their true power.

Hatching a plan, Elspeth and her new friends plot their escape from the oppressive masters of Obernewtyn and the deadly Council. Can they escape before they fall into Dr. Seraphim’s hands? Or will they fall before the impressive powers that be as their families before them?

This is the second time I’ve read Obernewtyn, and it hasn’t lost any of its charm.

The world is struggling to flourish generations after a nuclear holocaust, referred to as the Great White. Only the small farming villages far away from population centers survived. To keep peace, they created the Council. Fearing anything to do with the Great White, death was given to Seditioners and Misfits, leaving many children in orphanages—including our main character Elspeth. All of the characters are living cautiously, in fear of one group or another.

Obernewtyn is a fantastic light-fantasy novel, with a sprinkling of science fiction. The language, while simple, is very effective. It never falls into the over-flourished language that many fantasy novels use. In fact, it usually goes the opposite direction. Think of all the words we have today that would lose their meaning if we no longer had computers. Or electricity. Words and phrases survived the Great White, but their meanings didn’t.

While Carmody could have been more descriptive in her world building, I enjoy that this is a short, quick read. And the further you get into this series, the more in-depth the world becomes. Since Obernewtyn goes so quick and is rather addictive, I highly recommend having the second one at hand when you finish.




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