Saturday, November 3, 2012

{Bookish Wants} Bookcases

I used to do this, when the blog was brand new….before it was even called Me, My Shelf and I! I posted bookcases and fun booky things I thought were awesome. I don’t really know why I fell away from it to be honest, maybe I just got busy reading and reviewing?

Regardless, I am back at it and a few times this month (and maybe even further on after that) I’m going to post BOOKISH WANTS!

To see more great bookcases and reading spaces, check out my Pinterst board dedicated to just that! HERE

The “Hidden Room Behind The Bookcase” Bookcase
Of course this isn’t being used for books at the moment, but it’s cool none the less. If you look closely it appears that the room behind the books case is actually the bathroom, which is cool…but kinda annoying for those nights when you really have to go and can’t figure out which shelf to pull on to open the door.


The “It Belongs in a Tim Burton Movie” Bookcase
Well I mean come on, it does! It kinda gives me motion sickness in fact looking at it, but I’ll be damned if it’s not totally cool!


The “Hope you Don’t Mind if The Book Gets a Bit Damaged on the Shelf” Bookcase
This kind of makes me sad, and in awe of sheer awesomeness at the same time. This book case gives me conflicting emotions…it looks freaking amazing, but you have to slide the book, open onto a cord to keep it on the case…this could potentially harm the book. That’s not cool. But it is cool…crap I don’t know how I fell about this…


The “Beauty of It” Bookcase
Are you seeing this? I LOVE IT!! I wonder if I can make this work in my house *runs off to scout a potential place*




*Click image to see where it originally came from


  1. I love posts like these! I like my bookshelf to be unique or personalized, you know. I do have a normal boring bookshelf but I build shelf up on my wall to put there. Haha! But Man I love creative bookshelf like the ones you're showing! Would love one! :)

  2. The Tim Burton movie bookcase is just....*_*

  3. I soooooo want this bookcase with a room behind it

  4. Oooo that first one is really cool. If I had a house (and you know, money) I'd go all out on a awesome bookcase :-D

    Paranormal Haven

  5. The hidden room! I fell in love with it <3 I'm so going to use that in my house later!

  6. I love bookshelves like these! GAH! Hidden room and stairs, oh yes. Definitely on the list of things I want when I get a house of my own. ;) Thanks for sharing!!!

  7. I love that first bookcase, with the room hidden behind it. The one under the stairs is pretty cool too!

  8. I love bookshelf pics like these! The stairs one is my favorite. :)


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