Sunday, November 4, 2012

{Book Signing} Meeting John & Carole Barrowman

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I didn’t schedule anything in the month of November in my real life, simply because of NaNoWriMo – but when the opportunity to meet John & Carole Barrowman came up, THAT I was not going to pass up.

John Barrowman, you might know from Doctor Who and Torchwood as Captain Jack Harnkess. His older sister, Carole Barrowman is Professor of English and Director of Creative Studies in Writing at Alverno College, Milwaukee,Wisconsin and a reviewer and crime fiction columnist for the Milwaukee Sentinel.

Together they wrote a Middle Grade Novel called HOLLOW EARTH.



Now, 8 was really excited to go because she both loves to read, and loves Doctor Who. (I’m doing my best to raise a geek here…it’s going well so far *wink*) This would be her FIRST book signing, and first celebrity encounter (although she was quick to remind me she had in fact met singer Lee MacDougall and so this was NOT her first celebrity encounter) As the line neared the table where the authors sat she became more and more jumpy and excited. Sitting, than standing, than turning, then asking if I thought they would like her t-shirt that I made her with the first cover of the book:

photo 1 (5)

Well they, loved it. Just as I told her they would. You should have seen 8’s face – beaming from ear to ear. Frozen in shock, that there in front of her was Captain Jack. Carole fussed over 8 and her shirt, having her sister in law take photos for their web site and asking me to sign a release form to use them. A bit strange to be asked to sign something by the people you are in line to..have…sign something…In fact I was so busy trying to fill out a little post it signing my child away to the Barrowman Clan I nearly didn’t get to say hello to John.

Just as 8 was about done with her moment, Carole asked if she wanted them to sign her shirt. Man if 8 wasn’t star struck before, she was now. Carole came around the table, you know, like a normal person might to sign the shirt, and John…well take a look at the difference in the photos *lol* I love it! He’s Such a ham!


photo 2 (5)

All in all, 8 had a blast! As you can clearly see by the perma-grin she has going on in the photo above. Her and I have decided that we are going to read HALLOW EARTH together, her reading her copy and me mine. Like a mother-daughter book club, it was her idea of course. Because she’s brilliant!

Oh and for good measure, here’s me and my book and with John & Carole..

IMG_3260photo 4 (1)


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