06 November 2012

{Book Review} Blood Born

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11160376Blood Born
Author: Jamie Manning
Pages: 360
Publisher: Pendrell Publishing
Release Date: April 24, 2012
Rating: 4 Birds

Waking up in a coffin hungry for blood is only the beginning for sixteen year old Ava Blue. When Chance Caldon, the hottie who dug her up, tells her that's she half vampire Ava's world really turns upside down. Half vamp? Ava can't believe it.... She doesn't even know that that means! Not until Aldric, a thousand-year-old vampire shows up and tells her it's true- and that he's the one who turned her. Then Ava truly begins to believe what she is. Now, she has to deal with a sudden and powerful bloodlust, the desire to see Aldric dead and her growing crush for Chance. Ava knows she's a monster nos, she can feel it and her life is over. But redemption isn't lost. Aldric is giving her a chance to regain her humanity. The price? Kill a hundred vampires or remain a bloodsucker forever. So Ava sets out to get her life back. But killing vampires begins a battle that could destroy everything she is working toward. In the end Ava's decisions will forever change her life and the lives of those she loves.

When I first heard that a guy from my hometown had a book published, I knew I had to read it! Then I found out it was about vampires and I became even more excited! BLOOD BORN is Jamie Manning’s debut novel and I am happy to say that he did a great job creating a vampire story that is both unique and interesting.

Ava, the female heroine, is an excellent lead character. She is strong and determined to remain a good person even though she has become a monster. Even better, she doesn’t have it easy. Throughout the book, you see Ava stumble and struggle to adjust to her new life while staying true to herself. I’m a firm believer that a person’s true character comes during the toughest times.

I also really liked the main guy character, Chance. I loved how he was always there for Ava. He’s strong and kind. Ava and Chance’s relationship isn’t one of those instant love connection. Yes, there was some instant attraction but their relationship developed from a friendship. I must admit that was quite refreshing. In my opinion, there are too many YA novels that have this whole instant love thing going on.

BLOOD BORN is definitely a fast paced novel. The novel is full of fighting and secrets. I loved the fight scenes but thought the book was a little overdone in the mystery department. There were just too many things kept for too long from Ava. That would probably be my only complaint.

Manning does an excellent job adding his own special twist to vampire lore. BLOOD BORN is an excellent debut and I am sure that the next book, Blood Awakening will be even better!

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