Monday, October 8, 2012

{Giveaway} Alibi's Ghosts Prize Pack

MMSAI is really excited to bring you 2 giveaways from author L.S. Hullinger! Each is going to have it’s own post, so be sure to check out the Giveaway’s section in the side bar to find the other. Go on, just glance to your right…see it’s right there!

Check out the Alibi's Ghosts, The Larger-Than-Life Small World of a Medium's Daughter Prizes:
Grand Prize 

1 – T-Shirt (adult S-M-L) 
1- Physical copy

Runner Up Prize
1 – Kindle Copy
Don’t have a Kindle? No worries, you can read kindle books on a smart phone or tablet with the free Kindle app. Or even on your computer!

Alibi's Ghosts T-ShirtAlibi's Cover 8-12

Alibi's Ghosts, The Larger-Than-Life Small World of a Medium's Daughter:
Alexandra ‘Alibi’ Vernon is the eleven-year-old daughter of a psychic medium whose behavior is repeatedly influenced by kids from the Other Side. From building sub sandwiches in her sleep to sneaking into a stranger's attic, Alibi has her innocence challenged on a regular basis. Since her mother is fairly new at medium work, she only schedules two readings a week. However, this particular week, she accidentally schedules five readings, five days in a row. During this time, each child from the Other Side has a mysterious clue for Alibi to unravel, and she begins to notice each clue is connected in some way with the other readings. With a bit of ghostly charade playing, lots of trouble dodging, and the help of her deceased relatives: Grandpa Edgar and Cousin Kyle, along with her living but scaredy-cat best friend, Daisy, Alibi is able to solve the mystery and help all five grieving parents simultaneously.

Contest Rules: Must be 13+ to enter
Shipping in the US only.
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After years of writing short stories, essays, articles, screenplays, and way too many to-do lists, L.S. Hullinger finally found her passion writing middle-grade paranormal mystery novels. She is married, has three grown children and one granddaughter.
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