02 October 2012

{Book Review} League of Strays by L.B. Schulman

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League of Strays
Author: L.B. Schulman
Pages: 288
Format: ARC
Publisher: Amulet
Rating: 4.5

This suspenseful debut follows a group of teenage misfits in their delicious quest for revenge on those who have wronged them at their high school. When a mysterious note appears in Charlotte’s mailbox inviting her to join the League of Strays, she’s hopeful it will lead to making friends. What she discovers is a motley crew of loners and an alluring, manipulative ringleader named Kade. Kade convinces the group that they need one another both for friendship and to get back at the classmates and teachers who have betrayed them. But Kade has a bigger agenda. In addition to vandalizing their school and causing fights between other students, Kade’s real intention is a dangerous plot that will threaten lives and force Charlotte to choose between her loyalty to the League and her own conscience.

What would you do to fit in? To have just one friend? What would you do to make that boy like you, look at you, talk to you? Would you go as far as Charlotte does? Pulled in by the promise of friends, Charlotte becomes a part of something so much bigger than she intended. The friendless girl turned the bully in the shadows.

Come on, we’ve all be in a similar situations like one that started her downward spiral of lies and hate…trying to fit in we embellish a story. Maybe we start hating another person simply because our new friend doesn’t like them, says they are no good. Never seeking the truth for our self, so desperate to fit in, any where. Well take those things, times them by 100, add some crazy, some blind love and even blinder loyalty…shake and serve and there you have THE LEAGUE OF STRAYS my friends.

This book is more than a great read, it’s relevant to today’s teens. How much pressure are they under to fit in? This walks you through a worst case scenario of what happens when you’re willing to do anything for your friends. How even the best kind of kid can trip over the line and go to the dark side.

Does she stay? Does she come back to the good side of things? That is one of those things that you will have to find out by reading the book. What I will tell you about Charlotte is this: She is a weak, moldable protagonist. Before you close this review, and write off reading LEAGUE OF STRAYS understand this: She has to be. With out her need to be liked, with out her insecurities, with out her utter and total dependency on the group, the book would not work. If she was a tough, stand up and tell you how it is girl, filled to the brim with self confidence – she wouldn't need the League. Kade wouldn't need her. And there would be no book. And that would be a shame.

Lies. Deceit. Vandalism. Bloody fights. Manipulation. Love. Friendship. It’s all waiting for you between the covers. I wish there was more coming with these characters and it has earned a spot on my bookshelf!

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