21 September 2012

{Book Review} The Turbatus Bone: Bone of Evil

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The Turbatus Bones Bone of Evil Cover

Bone of Evil
The Turbatus Bones Book 1
Author: Jack Speight
Pages: 304
Release Date: January 2012
Publisher: Createspace
Rating: 4 birds

There are four Turbatus Bones: HEALING, LIGHT, FORTUNE, and EVIL. Together, they give the power to travel through space and time. Apart, they can heal, reveal, destine, or doom anyone foolish enough to pick them up. And they are currently scattered across the fierce and fantastical realm of Tarkan.
When young orphan Jackson Walker discovers it is in his power to reunite the bones and find his parents, the quest begins. What Jackson doesn’t anticipate is that the bones desperately want to be found by seemingly anyone except himself. When one of the bones falls into the hands of the cruelest man in all of Tarkan, the tyrant Mal, it will take all of Jackson’s courage and cunning to retrieve it.
Luckily for Jackson, he is far from alone in his quest. His world is filled with quirky characters: Seven the oversized dog, Radio Flyer the undersized dragon, Jinda the distinctly disfigured herbalist, and the feisty and gorgeous serving-girl, Claire. All of whom are caught, with Jackson, in the perfect realm for fantasy—a world quaking with the turbulence of war, romance, and magic. Written as the first installment of The Turbatus Bones series, The Bone of Evil is ultimately as much about adventure as it is about finding a place in this world (or the next).

Read me not now I have to do other work…Read me…I’m kinda driving at the moment and reading is impossible…you know you want to read me, all of your questions will be answered you know your curiosity is driving you mad…No! you are driving me mad but oh well! I must read you!!

Disclaimer: The preceding conversation may or may not have happened between me and the book Bone of Evil.

What this book doesn’t have: damsels in distress, sappy love story, annoying characters, boring moments.

What this book does have: kick ass females, a twisted love, brave and trusting characters, non-stop action!!

This is a great read. Jack Speight did a wonderful job creating the world of Tarkan that I actually dreamt part of the book… or at least I think I did but I might have been under the influence of the bone…hmm. Anyhow, I look forward to what comes next in the series and the next world adventures. As a Mook says: The adventure begins tomorrow

I hope you pick this book up and enjoy it as much as I did – Bone of Evil Yvette


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  1. Yvette I love this review! Definitely makes me want to read this book! Great job coming up with an interesting way to review this book!


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