23 September 2012

{Book Review} Reminiscence

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reminiscence CoverReminiscence
Author: C. Marie Mosley
Pages: 172
Release Date: May 30, 2012
Rating: 3 birds

Can someone’s entire life – the only one they have ever known – be a complete lie? The truth is out ... and Coralie Collier is about the find just what lies within that truth - the truth about herself, the truth about her heritage, and the truth about her purpose ...
In Reminiscence, lies a story of a natural born heroine, Coralie Collier --- she just doesn’t know it yet. Coralie lives a simple, almost boring life, that is, until things in her life start to get interesting. Outlandish dreams, bizarre and dangerous encounters, and missing pieces to her memory, are all incredibly important fragmented clues that could help Coralie in finding out her true identity. Along with these clues, and the help of an old family friend, maybe there is a chance for Coralie to find out what is going on around her before it’s too late … and her true purpose has been compromised. All of the characters’ lives within the story swirl around her – and they all know the truth - the truth about the lives they were all born to live... Could there be more to her life than she ever knew? Could there really be more to her surroundings than meets the eye?
Get drawn into Coralie’s world and explorations as she attempts to discover what secrets are hidden in her past and what journeys are in store for her future.

More! I need MORE!! (had to get that out of my system)

As a debut novel Mosley does an alright job and I think this story has a lot of potential but I just felt that this book was mostly set up. Lots of books that are written as a part of a planned series fall into the problem of giving so much of a back story that the first book is at times tedious and the endings come too soon.

The main character Coralie is… likable but you kind of have to wonder what teenager would quickly become so attached to a total stranger their parents introduced them to. Perhaps this has more meaning as the series progresses like fate or destiny at work.

My favorite parts of this were the kick ass (can I write that here?) fight scenes that have enough detail that I was totally into it but not so much that I couldn’t use my imagination some.

All that being said the scenes that had some action and moved forward were very good and I do look forward to what comes next in the series. I know that there is a second book works but there is not a release date as of yet. If Mosley can get the next novel in the series to move at a better pace I think it will be much more enjoyable. I would recommend this to someone who I know as a reader willing to stick with a series to find out what happens next if nothing else.

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