Friday, August 31, 2012

{This or That} with Corrine Jackson

9871846I am sooo freaking excited to have Corrine Jackson on the blog, doing a fun little This or That. Not just because she is a YA Rebel, of which I used to be apart of – but because she’s written one my favorite books of the year and who doesn’t like having their favorite authors on their blog?

This particular stop is part of the IF I LIE blog tour hosted by the fantastic {Teen} Book Scene!

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New Shoes or New Handbag?

Shoes. I LOVE shoes. Not in a make-out-with-them kind of way. Because that would be gross. Feet sweat. I mean, I’m not judging people with foot fetishes. Ifyou like sweaty feet, that is totally your deal. Oh, geez. I pick shoes. Let’s leave it at that.

Garlic Mashed or Baked?

o I’ll take my potatoes whichever way I can get them. Especially if they’re smothered in things that are only vaguely healthy. Sour cream, cheddar, bacon bits, chives, butter. Really, aren’t potatoes best when you can’t taste the potato?

Jammies or Party Dress?

Is it wrong that I like parties that you can wear jammies to and pajama parties that you can wear party dresses to? I once went to an Oscar party where you drerubberduckssed up as your favorite star in their pajamas. I thought it the perfect collision of right and wrong.

Ducks or Chickens?

Well, ducks. Duh. Who wants to play “Chicken, chicken, chicken, goose?”

Circus or Ballet?

Circus. I like a setting in which things can go wrong, and I can sit back, chew popcorn, nod sagely, and say, “Yep. Told you things would go wrong.” Put elephants, clowns, and acrobats under a questionable roof better suited to camping, and I think you have my recipe for an entertaining evening.

Coke or Pepsi?

Pepsi. But only because it has an affiliation with the ambrosia that is Mountain Dew.

Comedy or Drama?

This is like asking me to choose between the twin daughters that I don’t have. Comedy_Drama11.jpg4278816d-2012-4174-80b4-e7c1eac8d61fLargeWhat kind of person makes someone choose a favorite kid? You are sick, Amber. Sick.

Ron Weasley or Nevil Longbottom?

Ron. I want to live in his house and have his parents for in-laws. Also, I have a total thing for gingers. True story.

Jack Sparrow or Will Turner?

Will Turner. Jack Sparrow is based on Keith Richards, and I refuse to date Keith Richards. It’s the principal of the thing, you know.

Yoga or Cardio?

Yoga. It requires less moving and heavy breathing and sweaty feet. See how I brought this back to shoes? I love shoes.

Wealth or Love?scales

And now you’re making me choose between my fictional twin sons. What kind of twisted sister are you?

Fantasy or reality?

I think I have a foot in both worlds. Reality sucks if you don’t have a rich fantasy life. And a fantasy life would have no meaning if you didn’t know how badly reality sucked. I think this is a chicken or egg question. And now I’ve brought us back to chickens. I can’t leave you on chickens. That would make me as twisted as Amber. And so I leave you with…


You’re welcome.


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  1. LOVE this interview! I happen to fully agree with the potato answer. Love them any way I can get them. And of course I am a Will Turner kind of gal too. ;)

    Can't wait to read my copy when it arrives! :)

    ~Sara @ Forever 17 Books

  2. I loved reading this interview! So much fun. And I really love how it left off with ducks.

    So now I really want to read If I Lie. Not like I didn't before, but now I REALLY want it!


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