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{My Indie Monday} Linda Lamberson


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This weeks My Indie Monday Author is:

Linda Lamberson

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About the Author: A native of suburban Chicago, Linda Lamberson moved to the city after graduating from Indiana University in Bloomington. Lamberson received her Master’s Degree in Social Service Administration and her Juris Doctor degree from The University of Chicago. After working at the law firm of McDermott Will & Emery as an intellectual property lawyer, Lamberson chose to become a stay-at-home mother and spends much of her time in Harbor Country, Michigan. She is currently working on completing the third installment of the Evie Sanders series with plans to continue the series.


Linda has recently had a review of both of her novels, here on Me,My Shelf and I! But she’s giving you even more with the first chapter of BORROWED HEARTS. And since we are discussing the generosity of the fantastic Linda Lamberson, don’t forget to check out the giveaway she’s having as well, a total of 15 books are up for grabs!


please excuse the formatting, the pdf didn’t translate to blogger very well.

“Eve, how much of the accident do you remember?”
Peter began.
“Not much.” I strained to remember anything about it,Borrowed-Heart_print
but I couldn’t. The chain of events was all so hazy. I looked
down at the floor as if it could provide me with the clarity I
“I was driving … there was another car—two cars, I
think. One of the drivers was … drunk. But there was someone
else … something else happened.” I was mumbling, trying
to talk myself through the accident. And then a memory
flashed through my mind; I saw two bright lights barreling
towards me as I was standing in the middle of the highway.
Instantly, the accident, or at least the very last part of it, became
crystal clear.
No one could have survived that, I told myself. I gasped and
looked at Peter in terror.
“How … how long have I been … dead?” My words
were barely audible, choked back by the fear and anguish of
my horrifying realization. Peter glanced down at his watch.
“Nearly five days,” he said apologetically.
Nearly five days. I repeated Peter’s words in my head, not
really knowing how to process this information.
“Am … am I in Heaven?” I asked in shock.
“It’s a little complicated,” Peter answered.

1. Starstruck
“I’ve never seen an aura like this before,” she said in her
thick Eastern-European accent, shifting her gaze from my
hands to my eyes. “It’s so strange …”Peace-of-Mind_print

“I don’t understand. What’s so strange?” I asked. I had
been there for all of two minutes and already thought this was
some sort of a scam. I tried to pull my hands away from the
woman sitting across the table from me, but she only tightened
her grip. Her almond-shaped black eyes looked almost
sinister with the thick layers of black eyeliner and mascara
around them. She pulled me in closer.

“It seems as though your fate is shifting—changing—right
before my very eyes.” She looked down at my hands again
and began mumbling to herself in her native language. Then
she glanced back up at me in alarm.




Linda has fantastic giveaways for you all!! A Total of 15 books!
Hard cover books are US Shipping Only, and the eBooks are International!

Don’t have a Kindle? No Worries! Kindle eBooks can be read on mobile devices and tablets by downloading the Kindle app, and even on your computer!

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