02 August 2012

{Book Review} Peace of Mind

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The Evie Sanders Series Book 2
Author: Linda Lamberson
Format: Ebook
Pages: 461 
Date: June 28, 2012
Publisher: Publish Green
Rating: 4 birds

The next chapter of Evie’s future now unfolds in Peace of Mind, in which she must face the consequences of her transgressions. The only way Evie can remain Quinn’s Shepherd is by breaking the one promise she’d made him. To continue to protect his life, she can’t be part of it—Quinn can’t ever know that she’s near. Unwilling to accept this cruel twist of fate, Evie’s intent on fixing the mess she's created. But to have any chance of being with Quinn again, she has to find a way to reach him before it’s too late … before her assignment is over and she has to say goodbye to him forever.

The sequel!  Oh my gosh..it had me on the edge my seat!  I basically could not put this book down!   I love how Evie is a smart girl in this book. She takes all the information she has learned and sinks it in.   She continues to ask questions and uses her ideas to protect Quinn. She tries to figure out why the events were happening the way they were. It was a bit of a mystery to solve. Learning is always a good thing!  

Evie obtains hope for Quinn even though she goes through some heartbreaking decisions.  These decisions affected Quinn and Evie.  I did not like the decisions because it made me sad for Evie and Quinn.  I wanted them to be together being happy!    The journey continues on and yet somehow they both strive for each other even with the heartbreaking moments.  

The action in this book was amazing.  I love how Evie saves Quinn again and how she meets up with Dylan, another Shepard, to help her out. Dylan becomes a friend to Evie even though Quinn isn't too fond of him, but down the road Quinn warms up to Dylan. It is kind of funny to see the interaction between Dylan and Quinn.

I love the moment where Evie manages to write her parents a letter and yet Quinn delivers it  to her parents.  Her parents managed to get some peace from it.  That was a sweet moment.   There were quite some sweet moments in this story such as the romance between Quinn and Evie.   For instance when Evie knows something is wrong with Quinn's niece, she immediately heals her as it takes  a toll on her as Quinn would not let Evie fade.  That was such a sweet moment and took me off guard.  Quinn's love for Evie is pretty strong!  The action of this sweet moment turns into a good one but also has a consequence.   There are such a great moments in everything that Evie does!  I love it. 

I had to keep on guessing about the bad part! Who was out to get Quinn?  Why was Evie having to protect him?  I had a hunch on who  it  could be and yet I was somewhat right.   I had a few other ideas brainstorming of what it could be but it was fun to figure that out!  The evil side did eventually disappear and left me wondering if they would be back or not. 

Once again the author manages to make me surprised at the end of the story!  I was shocked and yet thrilled with the way it ended for Evie and Quinn.   Was it a happy ending or not?  Read it today, you won't regret this series.

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