Thursday, August 9, 2012

8 Judges The Covers Again

A few weeks ago, I played a game with my daughter, whom I will call 8. It works because that’s how old she is. This game we played was based off a Huffington Post article where a child guessed what classic novels were about based on their covers. I recreated it, with Young Adult book covers and 8.  She loved it – and so did all of you! Seriously all the comments made he so happy!! So here we go, round two with my daughter, 8.
Want to see what the book i s really about? Click the cover to see!

Please remember, I type exactly as she speaks it…

11715276Born Wicked by Jessica Spotswood: Is about a girl who was born by a witch and she’s evil in a way, and she’s kind of different in her class. she goes to a jail that’s five miles into the ocean and she opens up the cages and lets all the bad people out. And she becomes their queen.


Thumped by Megan McCafferty: It’s about girl that is 25 and is still in college and she’s going to school to be a doctor and she gets really thumped and just can’t figure out the questions on her tests.

8685622Here Lies Bridget by Paige Harbison: It’s about a girl named Bridget who was walking in the field and kind of passes out then they have this big funeral because they think she’s dead. Her body is dead but not the rest of her. And there is a person who takes everyone he finds walking in the field and gives them funerals too even though they are not really dead.


TEN by Gretchen McNeil: It’s about these 10 teenagers that get trapped on an island for between 3-10 days and there’s a killer on the island and every day someone dies and gets killed for food – or something.


Angelfire by Courtney Allison Moulton: There is this bad angel that kind of swoops down on people, like a bird with her weird looking swords and she makes them bad angels as well. And she swoops in on good angels and kills them.


Shiver by Maggie Stiefvater: this forest that is haunted kind of and they used it for a wedding and the wedding girl turned into a tree and because of that everyone else turned into trees too. The trees take the peoples souls and the forest which is evil wants to make everyone a tree. But there is one good tree and it tries not to hurt everyone and tries to stop all the bad trees.


The Dirt by Lori Culwell: So there’s a really fashionable girl and this this goth girl and they are actually twins but they don’t know it. So they kind of switch bodies in a way and then they find out what the other ones life is like. (I would like to add that since she is only 8, the cursive title made her think it was called “On The Diet” lol!)



  1. This is unbelievably cute. I love it! The best part is how creative she is about the stories.

  2. gr8 post
    i love how she is so creative

    1. she could be the next YA AUTHor star

  3. Oh my goodness. Too cute and too funny!! Who would think of a person being imprisoned Five miles into the ocean with born wickeds cover? So creative lol

  4. OMg what a cute idea and loved her ideas on the books :)

  5. Lol--I just finally commented on your first post of these and now I was going through my Google reader and saw this new post!! Love these! These posts, plus a few other posts, have inspired me and I just came up with a new feature for my blog that I hope to start soon. It'll be called Blind Reads and it's not really anything like these posts but you'be inspired me nonetheless! ;)

    1. I'm happy we could help inspire anything! Can't wait to see what you come up with!

  6. OMG this is the cutest idea ever! I'm going to try this with my 7yo and see what she thinks books are about based on its cover.

    I hope you continue on with this feature :)

  7. Love the "premises" of Thumped and Shiver especially. I love the creativity kids have! She could totally write all these stories and I would buy them. :) Great post!

  8. This is adorable! I think Shiver was my favourite - so detailed! Oh, to have that kind of imagination again!

  9. That was one of the most adorable and fun posts!! What a creative mind! Sounds like you may have a writer on your hands. I loved the one for Born Wicked it made me laugh.

  10. Oh my gosh! What a fun post! Kids are so unbelievably imaginative. It's fascinating to see how 8 interpreted these covers! Angelfire and The Dirt were my favs!

  11. Please keep doing this. Please?! I opened up the email and saw the title and it made my whole day. It was just as wonderful as the first time. 8 nailed Ten! Some of them made me chuckle pretty good. Thank you for this. I needed a good laugh! 8 rocks!


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