Friday, July 20, 2012

{Team Kilt} Me My ‘Kilt’ and I

Okay, no doubt if you are just popping in, your all like: “I swear this blog was called Me, My Shelf and I yesterday? WhaDaFaq?” Well for every day that Zacharay Moore is in the YA Crush Tourney Hosted by The YA Sisterhood, I will leave my avi on Twitter and my header here….like this…in fact for every round Zach wins, I will ADD something to my header.

You heard me.

Woah wait what did you just say to me? WHO is Zachary Moore? *insert exasperated sigh and head shake here* Here’s a cookie, come sit down and let me tell you a tale, a tale of a mighty kilt……

The following is borrowed from Official Zach Advocates and all around awesome babes – Jen & Amy of Fictitious Delicious. To see the hilarious, and amazing post in it’s entirety, please CLICK HERE

1 Zach falls firmly in the “NICE GUY” classification of fictional boys and has been referred to as “Captain Patience” Exhibit A: SHINE, page 110. Our research, however, has revealed that Zach recently had a 24 hour lapse in good guy judgment as evidenced in Exhibit B:  #tweetlikeabadboy

2 Examples include: Weddings, Prom, Fictional Character Crush Tournaments and Jen's dreams

3 Fans of Zachary Moore seem to be particularly interested in his Scottish accent.  A minuscule sample is found in Exhibit C: Scottish Vortex of Charm

4 Specific attention should be paid to Einstein’s Theory of Gravity. Exhibit D: SHINE page 274.

5 Strength is prevalent in this fine specimen. A less refined citizen would say this boy “is the full meal deal”. Intelligence, astonishing good looks and a heart that is more sincere and giving than any other the young adult literary community has ever seen. Exhibit E: 2011 TEAM KILT Zachary Moore Trailer.


Zachary Moore is of course from the BRILLIANT SHADE Series by Jeri Smith-Ready, it is one of the only 3 series I have read back to back to back (to back)…..and let’s just say those other two series are totally movies now…so I see good things happening for Jeri …obviously I’m good luck or some crap like that.

Now, why am I posting all this stuff about Zachary – I mean I’ve loved a lot of book guys and never once have a rearranged my whole blog for them. Well I could just say “You don’t know Zach” but that wouldn’t be the whole reason. I need you to vote on July 25th for Zachary. It takes 2 seconds, no forms, no signing up….nothing! Just CLICK! CLICK FOR THE KILT! Zach’s up against a big one, a popular guy…someone a lot of people know, so I need you to be strong and stand tall on your TEAM KILT love that when you get to the voting page, you won't waiver on your choice of who to vote for!

To Pump you up, I’m doing a giveaway, a small one, but this is all the SHADE stuff I have on hand, and it’s actually MINE, but this is for a greater cause, the bigger picture so I am happy to use it to rally the Kilts!. THIS IS AN INTRNATIONAL GIVEAWAY! And you have several ways to enter, I will make it easy for you, pick one, pick them all – but know this my little peanuts, I will check ever single entry for the winners pulled to make sure they are legit. We don’t take kindly to cheaters around these parts. (How did this go from a Scottish post to a Western one? I need more coffee. )

2 Winners:
Grand Prize: Keeley Brothers Button and Sticker SIGNED by Jeri Smith-ready
Second Place Winner: Keeley Brothers Sticker SIGNED by Jeri Smith-Ready
International Giveawayphoto

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  1. I love that little breakdown you have there. And that interview with James McAvoy was 7 minutes well spent ;) Lurve him and that smexy accent of his! Grr baby!

    This whole series is one of my TOP 3 fave YA of all time and Zach totes has MY vote...unless he's up against Tod from Soulsreamers, then I'm in trouble, lol.

    ♥Isalys / Book Soulmates


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