16 July 2012

{Book Review} Broken

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Broken CoverBroken
The Crystor Series #2
Author: C.K. Bryant
Pages: 365 pages
Release Date: June 3, 2012
Publisher: Dragonfly Press
Rating: 4 Birds

Goodreads Synopsis:

With Kira injured and dying, Octavion's last hope is to plead with the king of Panthera for a cure. But King Ramla's magic isn't free. The price he asks Octavion to pay goes against everything he's fought so hard to protect and could destroy his bond with Kira. Will Octavion trade his crown and swear allegiance to a kingdom feared by all, or will he sacrifice the woman he loves to remain faithful to his father and Xantara? Find out when BROKEN takes you on a journey into the savage and unpredictable world of Ophira.

Note: This review contains spoilers of the first book in the series.

I am back with the review for Broken by C.K. Bryant! *crowd goes wild* If you liked the first book in the Crystor series (BOUND, see review here) you will like this one just as much or even more.

When we last left Kira she was being pulled into Xantara after breaking free from Shandira, well the good news is she made it through, the bad news is she is really injured. Like any good love of someone’s life Octavion is worried and is not sure what he can do for her but will do all in his power to protect her. The kicker is sometimes he has to protect her from himself. If this brief description hasn’t gotten your interest yet, then I’m not sure what else to do.

This book has everything a good series needs: love, lies, honesty, devotion, action, debts to be paid and central characters the reader begins to care about. Get this book… seriously, go get it now… you don’t even have to go far since you are already on the computer just open one of the links below and get details on where to find this amazing book and anything else you need to know about C.K. Bryant.

So with similar advice as I gave you last time, search out new authors, go out of your comfort zone in reading, you might be completely surprised at what you find available. Happy Reading Bookworms!

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  1. I love Christine and this book. I also think your rating system is adorable.

    -Magan V.

  2. I loved BROKEN even more than BOUND. Except now I can't wait for book 3! So glad you liked it!

  3. Oooh :D I loved Bound :D I'm still waiting to get the second book from the author. I'm trying to read as fast as I can to finish my review books so I'll be ready when I get this one :D

  4. Thanks for posting such a wonderful review, Yvette. I'm so glad you liked both books. :-)

  5. Great review!!! Bound and Broken are awesome. :)

  6. love the advice to stretch out of your comfort zone when you read. great review!! congrats on Christine on having such a powerful series.

  7. Thanks for the great review. I can't wait to check out this series!

  8. I enjoyed reading this series so far and I will keep track of when #3 releases. Thank you guys for the kind comments.


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