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{Book Excerpt + Blog Tour} Emerald Isle

Today I am handing the blog over to Kate Hinderer who is going to charm you with a excerpt from her new book, EMERALD ISLE. We’re very happy to be participating in this blog tour


Hi. I’m author Kate Hinderer and I’m pleased to be guest posting here as part of the book blog tour for The Emerald Isle. This book is part paranormal and part contemporary fiction. To whet your appetite for the book I've pulled one of my favorite scenes from the first couple chapters. This is the moment Audyn (main character) first meets Linley, a precious flighty teenager who ends up becoming a pretty significant secondary character. Linley is a favorite character of mine and according to the feedback I've received from readers, she's a favorite of theirs too.

A shadow fell over my face, momentarily darkening the view from beneath my eyelids. On a New York beach shadows and lights were nothing new. Clouds often rolled across the sky obscuring the sun’s rays. But here… My eyes shot open to see a pale face encased in a massive riot of long red curls. The girl stood above my head, peering over with wide innocent blue eyes.

“What are you doing,” she queried, waiting expectantly for me to answer.

I sat up and turned to look at her, attempting to school my emotions so she wouldn’t see the immediate annoyance I felt at being interrupted. So much for my out-of-the-way spot; it had lasted all of three days.

“Nothing. Taking a break. Getting a tan,” I replied shortly.

“What’s your name?”


“How old are you?”

“Almost 18.”

“So you’re 17?”

“Yeah,” I answered her, mentally rehearsing the line I needed to give about not fraternizing with guests, could I help her and if not she should have a nice day.

“I’m 13. My birthday was last month,” she told me, still standing above me. I took a closer look. She was 13 all right; long arms and legs that she hadn’t managed to grow into yet and no real figure to speak of other than a slight curve at her waist. Her mass of hair was rumpled but in a way that seemed purposeful and beautiful. One day she would be stunning – a regular knockout, fashion magazine worthy. But for now she was a gangly teen.

“Oh, I almost forgot. I’m Linley.” In one quick movement she plopped down on the sand in front of me, barely taking a pause in her spoken stream of consciousness. “Are you from around here? Are you staying on the island or just visiting? What do you do?”

“You know, I’m really not supposed to talk with the guests,” I argued shifting away from her.

“I’m not a guest.”

“Do your parents work here,” I asked completely confused. The island population consisted of staff and paying customers – nothing more – and at 13 years old Linley certainly wasn’t staff. A laugh bubbled out of her, almost musical sounding. My question was apparently very funny.

“No. I live off the island. My brother and I like to come here to walk around.” I glanced around for a brother, but didn’t see anyone. The only people in sight were down near my lifeguard chair; mere specks in the distance. “We used to come hereemerald-isle-cover-final once a week. But we’ve been here every day for the last three days.”

“I don’t know if the owner of this place would like it if he knew you two walked around his resort. He’s a little particular about this place. Lots of rules and stuff.”

“He doesn’t know we come and we don’t go near the people. Just along the rocks, sometimes into the forest. And we don’t stay long. An hour usually. Well, except for the last three days. Now we stay a few hours.”

“Doing what,” I asked, glancing around again to find the supposed brother. Jim Riche would have an absolute fit if he knew townies were starting to infiltrate his island. That was the whole purpose of the helicopter in the first place – to make the island less accessible to the natives. He could have hired a ferry to bring guests in but there was nothing to stop others from coming on the ferry too. A helicopter he could control completely.

“I walk around. Tristan sits on the rocks.” Linley looked at me with her big blue eyes, staring me directly in the face for a moment before adding. “He watches you.”

I stood up instantly and started moving away, calling a vague, “nice to meet you” over my shoulder. There was no way I planned to play into some mind game a guy and his 13-year-old sister wanted to amuse themselves with for a little diversion. I didn’t need to rest here all summer. The island offered plenty of other spots that could serve the same purpose; nearly all of them would mean getting away from prying eyes. I needed to scout out a new location immediately.

“Wait, wait,” Linley called after me. I could tell she was following. The sky overhead had suddenly filled with white puffy clouds, blocking out the sun and casting an odd dark hue over the entire island. “That sounded funny. He’s not weird. I think he likes you. Or at least likes looking at you…”

I snorted in her direction and kept on walking.

You can check out the book on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, as well as Smashwords


ktheadshotKate is a journalist by profession. Her work has appeared in a variety of publications such as The New York Times, The Chicago Tribune special sections, The Milwaukee Business Journal, RelateMag, The SuperMelon, MercatorNet's Tiger Print blog, Sadie Magazine...
She started writing stories and novelettes in 7th grade. Her teachers thought she was copiously taking notes, but really she was penning stories about her classmates. That passion only increased in high school. The stories became longer and the passion for writing was deeply ingrained. As a junior she resurrected her school's student-run newspaper and opted to pursue a journalism career to harness her love for writing into a payable profession. Still the stories never stopped flowing.
Kate also writes a fashion and lifestyle blog called ModlyChic
Contact: Twitter: Kate_Hinderer



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