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8 Year Old {Judges a Book By It’s Cover}

Every night before I go to bed, I read the news from the day. I tend to get a lot of writing ideas there, but something strange happened last night. I got a BLOGGING idea.

I was reading a post on Huffington Post called “Judging A Book By Its Cover: A 6-Year-Old Guesses What Classic Novels Are All About” and I thought – this would be great to do with YA novels! Now, I didn’t have a 6 year old handy so I had to use the 8 year old I did have laying around (we’ll call her 8 from here on out), 8 happened to be quite bored from being in a cast for the past week and a half so she was all excited at the prospect of a new game and anything that gave her a break from extensive friendship bracelet making.

I grabbed a handful of novels off my shelf, making sure to grab enough covers that were not all the same looking or feeling, pulled up a chair and got comfy. Then I asked her to tell me, in as much detail as possible what she though the story inside of it was about. You are seeing the exact cover she saw and I have to say I’m impressed because she got close on a few. Though on other (Like Wither) she was WAY WAY off in left field spinning around in circles.

With out further ado….I give you “8 Judges a Book by it’s Cover” (and please note, I was typing this out as she spoke…welcome to the brain of an 8 year old.)

6648020Shade by Jeri Smith-Ready -
There’s a darker kind of person that, like walks into the dark side or something. I think it’s a scary book. This person she can turn into a ghost and haunt people, but she can turn back into a human when she leaves the dark side. Don’t forget to VOTE for ZACHARY in the YA Crush Tourney! Get Info.



13-Little-Blue-Envelopes113 Little Blue Envelopes by Maureen Johnson
A teenager who gets 13 little blue envelopes from someone from another country that she doesn’t know. They are good letters, like from a secret admirer. and she finds out at the end who it is.




invincibleSummerMInvincible Summer by Hannah Moskowitz
It’s about a summer and a girl. And she just wants to have fun she doesn’t want to do anything like math or reading, she just doesn’t care. About anything. She gets yelled at by a teacher when school starts for not doing her summer work so then she starts doing it.




8525590 (1)Wither by Lauren DeStefano

(turns book on it’s side again and again to see all the lines and boxes and examines closely) This is about a girl who likes science and does a bunch of science but she’s really shy and doesn’t have any friends, well he has one friend but she’s still so lonely. But one of her experiments turns wrong and she turns into something like a vampire, and kills her only friend and then she really is lonely.


Elsewhere – Gabrielle Zevin

(I knew this cover would be good for 8, she collects snow globes – also I never noticed the cruise ship on the cover while I typed this I thought she was just really creative! LOL) This is about someone who goes on a cruise and they don’t’ know where they are going so what happens in the book is their ship is haunted. So they try to find out what’s going on with the haunting but one of the kids gets killed.

6933135 (1)Witch Eyes by Scott Tracey

a Witch who haunts a big castle and then a family with out a mom moves into the house with out knowing the witch is still there. Then the witch puts spells on them so that he can still live there and live with the family. And he has one evil eye and one not evil eye, so he’s like, half and half.



8369681Prom and Prejudice by Elizabeth Eulberg

Obviously it’s about the prom where she’s like getting ready for the prom but she’s trying to get a date at the same time, doing too much at one time. She’s shy because this prom is girls choice. And she cuts up her dress to make it strapless.


6984762Hollywood Car Wash by Lori Culwell

A girl who moves to Hollywood for school and and she still needs work and the only work that she can find a carwash. She’s rich and she has to work at the car wash and she’s upset because she doesn’t want to get messy, like her hair and her nails because every morning she would get a new hair do or a manicure.



What do you think of 8’s book cover judging, I’m hoping a few of the authors listed here will pop in, and weigh in on her guesses. I’m hoping to do this every few weeks with her, and next time I’ll wait until she’s more awake and had some sugar…she’ a riot when she’s hyper!



  1. What a great idea! I love 8's assessment of SHADE--it's rather close to the spirit of it all. (I would love to hear what she thinks of the new SHADE cover.) Hope 8 feels better soon!

    1. 8 should be out of her cast on Friday, but then in a cam walker boot...all of this over a broken tow on a growth plate...sheesh. :) I passed on your words to her and she was so excited you commented! Authors are just as famous as One Direction to her ;)

  2. LOL I was trying to get a post together doing the same thing with my 5YO, after I saw that article. I liked the thoughts on Wither the best. So funny. :)

    1. I found I had to do a lot of "and then what happened" because she would give me one sentence and this it was a

  3. Great fun! Keep it up...I have no "little ones" to play with...

  4. Haha, what a great idea! I loved reading how creative she was with the summaries she came up with. I do have a 6-almost-7 year old in the house with me, and I might have to play this game with him.

  5. That was cute! I love the way kids minds work :) Even though her assessment of WITHER was way off, you can see her logic. She was pretty darn close on SHADE though.

    This was a fun feature...might have to borrow someone's kid so I can do this too - just kidding =P

    ♥Isalys / Book Soulmates

  6. I love this! I have five kids ages from 6 years old to 21 years old. Won't be asking the oldest (after all she's an adult).

    I may try this weekly, giving you credit of course.

    I'm going to choose one book a week and write up what my 6 year old and 8 year old thinks. One is a girl and the other a boy. See if gender makes a difference ;)

    This is awesome!

  7. I loved The Witch Eyes one: "he has one evil eye and not evil eye." I am going to have to try this with all my boys. I have a 3 year old who is such a motormouth, I think ya'll would get a kick out of him. Those of us that have kids, or nieces/nephews, etc. should do this a meme. Of course Amber here should get the credit for it. I can't wait to do this with my kids! Great idea!

  8. I couldn't help but crack up at 8's thoughts on Wither, I can see where she's coming from though. Defintely a good idea for a fun feature!

  9. I couldn't help but crack up at 8's thoughts on Wither, I can see where she's coming from though. Defintely a good idea for a fun feature!

  10. I couldn't help but crack up at 8's thoughts on Wither, I can see where she's coming from though. Defintely a good idea for a fun feature!

  11. This and the news article were so fun to read! I'll be babysitting my cousins this weekend (5 and 7) and maybe I'll ask them to judge some books for my own laughs ;)

  12. I LOVE THIS! I want to meet these amazing 8 and 6 year olds :D Do you know whereabouts the news article is?
    This was really interesting, I might try and do this myself on my little sister - she's ten but let's pretend.. ;)
    PS. I'm a new follower, I love this post! Your blog is awesome x

  13. 8 Judges a Book by it's Cover is my favorite post ever, and I will not be disappointed at all if I get to see another one every week. My neighbor is 9. She was adopted from China when she was a few months old and brought to the South and raised by Southerners. She calls herdelf the Chinese Redneck. I would love to see what she would come up with. I think I may just do that! Thanks so much for this. I really needed a good chuckle tonight, and this did it for me. Please ask 8 to do this again!

  14. Bahahahahahah this is awesome. Love her perception of what WIther was about!!!! Kids are so great, and it's fun to see what they think of a cover!

    Anna @ Literary Exploration

  15. I loved that article and I love your version too!

  16. I love this! She was pretty close on some of them. Can't wait for the next one.

  17. I am so behind on my google reader, but I saved this post to comment on! This is such a cool idea! I wish my son was a bit older so I could do this with him! I'll look forward to seeing more of 8's cover judging! ;)


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