05 June 2012

{Contest} Win a $25.00 Gift Card to Amazon!

By: Me My Shelf And I | 05 June 2012 at 6:05 PM |
So you all know by now we are hosting a charity book sale to raise money for my co-blogger Kayla's cousin to get neck surgery. Well it's coming up soon and we need help spreading the word!

We want to give a little incentive to those who are willing to help so we are putting up a $25 gift card to Amazon for anyone who puts the word out there! It's easy - use the raffelcopter below to enter your info and links and we will pick a winner the day the sale goes live!

A Few Rules:
1. Don't spam people. Really, I know your intentions are good but don't hit the same message board 3 times a day because chances are the post will just get deleted and an angry mob will gather. No fun for anyone.

2. Don't lie. All the links will be checked before the winner is chosen.

You have 10 days before this contests closes, don't try to do them all in one day. Spread it out if you want ;) Take your time because you can only do most of them once!

NOTE: We have a pre-written blog post available for copy/paste to your blog if you want it (earns you an entry below as the blog post) just e-mail me at meandmyshelf at gmail dot com and ask for it!

We want good clean fun to raise awareness about a great cause and charity event! 

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  1. I have done what I am able... (No Tumbler or Pinterest). May this all help.

  2. If you have the promo post you can send it to me
    Pnrurbfantasyreview (@) hotmail.com
    Thanks and love what your doing!


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