Monday, June 18, 2012

{Charity Auctions} Last Day!

The Charity Auctions to raise money for Christian Hurt and his neck surgery are going good but we can make them go WONDERFUL!

The auctions close at 12:00 PM 6/19 (cst) That means just one day left to bid!! To make finding them even easier than it already is , I am putt them all here. Just click the photo of the items and bid away!


Things to remember:

Shipping in US only – No PO Boxes
Must be 13+ to bid, 18+ on any adult packs
JUST COMMENT TO BID! Leave your e-mail & bid

photo (17) (1)photo (21)

photo (41)           photo (8) (2)

photo (28)          photo (22)

photo (24)        Lets-write-something-writing-4545938-1024-768

Lets-write-something-writing-4545938-1024-768   The Top Right Pen photo is a Query Critique Auction and the one directly to the LEFT is the writers pack full of everything new writer needs!

Bid away! On;y a day left!

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