Friday, June 8, 2012

Changes are Here…


Oh. My wonderful followers. It’s time for some changes.

It has been made abundantly clear to me that I am in fact not Wonder Woman and can not do everything. MMSAI has taken over my life, and as a mom, wife and an aspiring author I need some more time for things other than just my blog.

MMSAI is NOT going anywhere, so don’t panic!

Remember I hired 4 new bloggers a while back? Well, Rosmelie and I are simply handing the reigns over to one of them, a very capable Kayla who will be managing all the day to day things for us.

I will be, over the next month, switching to @Amber_Writes on twitter for my personal chatter so please come follow me there. @MyShelfAndI will remain for all things blog related, run by Kayla instead.

You will still be able to request reviews, and use meandmyshelf at gmail for all things blog related, but my personal e-mail will change to amberwrites1 at gmail starting immediately.

As I get more organized and finish the transition for Kayla and wrap up the charity event coming up in a little more than a week I will have a writerly blog where you can follow my journey into the world of publication (hopefully! *wink*)

Thank you for all your support as Rosmelie and I built MMSAI, and for your continued support as Kayla steps into our flip flops! And don’t worry, I’ll still be around for reviews just not as frequently as I am now!



  1. Wow! These are some pretty big changes. I wish you the best of luck in your author aspirations. I will definitely be keeping up with it.

    ~Ashley Prince @ The Bibliophile's Corner

  2. Go Kayla! Apparently, she IS Wonder Woman! :)

  3. Hey, it's not like you're dying or something... :)

  4. I wish you luck and I can't wait to follow your journey on your writer blog!!

  5. best wishes, im sure it will all work out fine. lol

  6. I love Kayla, I love MMSAI, combined they will kick A%$.
    I love this blog and I think ya'll have done a fabfabfab job, u guys rock. I love reading the content and everything.
    This is an awesome thing :)


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