19 June 2012

{Book Review} Eddie’s War

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Author: Carol Fisher Saller
Pages: 194
Publisher: Namelos
Release Date: August 1, 2011
Rating: 4 Birds

World War II. Hitler is threatening to take over the world. Eddie Carl thinks America should stop him—it’s just plain right. But Eddie’s just a kid, and the farm in Ellisville, Illinois, is a long way from the fighting.

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I love the way the book is written! Each entry in the book was short and to the point which you could follow from Eddie's point of view of what was going on. Each entry talked about the beginning, middle and end of WWII with dates.  The flow was great as it was almost written like poetry.  Short and simple to the point, no one can resist this story.

I liked how Eddie learns of Jozef who has family over in Poland which makes him think a bit about WWII and it's actions.  Of course there is some discrimination at the time towards Jozef who is seen as a gypsy.  Eddie doesn't fall into the clutches of discrimination and keeps an open mind on things.  He also learns to stand up for things that are right.  He helps Jozef and also his grandmother which I found to be a great trait in Eddie.   This shows of Eddie thinking for himself and also a process of growing up.

Since it is during WWII, Eddie does keep in mind of his brother, Thomas going off to war to fly airplanes and hopes all the best for him.  There's a wide variety of emotions in this book on this subject matter. Eddie did get worried for his brother and others, who wouldn't be?  It's wartime.

It's a great book for kids learning about WWII and how it effected people of all ages.  I actually read this book in one sitting since I had a car ride for four hours along with my kids in it!  I'm glad I got to read this little gem filled with history.  I loved how the radio blasted away updates on the war.  Even the library was mentioned where Eddie would go and get updates along with his first time meeting Jozef.  I'm a fan of libraries.

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  1. Sounds wonderful, thanks! I just posted a great young reader/YA read.

  2. Eddie's War is a wonderful novel in verse! Thanks for reviewing such a great book.


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