26 May 2012

{Update} The Christian Hurt Files: Free Books and a Kindle Fire?

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Time for an update on the Christian Hurt Files!!

You guys! Kayla and I are literally floored at the generosity you all have shown toward her cousin. For a refresher course or to find out for the first time who Christian is and why we are running a charity for him, check out THIS POST.

Now, since we are only 4 days away from the delivery of 25 boxes of books and audio (a total of 812lbs!!!) from the amazing people at Amazon Publishing – I wanted to show you everything we had grated so far,  and tell you the NEW way we are going to run the charity event!

Cast your gaze upon the awesomeness so far:

Notice brand new copies of COLS, Shatter Me, Bitterblue and More!
We have first editions autographed in there!
We have Gift Cards and Author Autographs
We have awesome swag, movies, music, ARCS & more!


click any image to make it larger

photo 1 (2)

    photo 2 (2) photo 3 (1) photo 4

I bet you are asking yourself

How Can I Get My Hands On Some Of This Stuff!

Well, I don’t blame you! Especially that Kindle fire – who doesn’t want one of those!!!

If you read our initial post about Christian and raising money for him and his neck surgery you will remember we were going to a raffle, you would have gotten one entry for each dollar spent.

Well, apparently that’s illegal to do on the internet. Who knew? Well thankfully my step-dad or you’d all be raising money for my bail next…

We came up with a NEW and 100% Legal way to do all this!

  • We are going to take the upwards of 800-900 books we will have once all the donations arrive and separate them into 75-100 Flat Rate shipping boxes through the USPS. (depending on how they fill out, will determine how many boxes)
  • We will then photograph, catalog and list the boxes here on the blog and you will be able to PURCHASE a box for them low cost of $25 USD + Shipping (between $11-$16 in the US)
  • Here’s the kickers, the reasons you want and need one or more of these in your life:  Each box will have over $50 minimum of product inside of it – think about it, a few will have $25-$50 gift cards to B&N, it’s like those ones are free and you’ll still get TONS of other things in it.
  • HIDDEN INSIDE ONE OF THE BOXES will be a brand new KINDLE FIRE! Kayla and I will use random.org to choose the number of the box, and you will only know if you go it – if it arrives at your house!

You can expect these items to be ready to go by the 2nd week of June. When I have an exact date I will you know so you can count down, you want these boxes, and some you will not be able to pass up!!

If you have anything you want to donate – swag, arcs, anything….drop me an e-mail at meandmyshelf at gmail dot com! Time is creeping nearer but we still have a few days left!!



  1. AHHHH! Love the post, so excited about this! A big thank you to you Amber for putting this together and helping out so much. Also, a big thanks to everyone who donated and have supported this... it really means a whole lot!

  2. This is such an amazing thing you're doing! Love it!

  3. I am def buying a box and keepin fingers crossed about the kindle fire :)
    this is so awesome!
    Did I understand right, Amazon is sending you all those books on top of whats in these pics?!
    OMG that is soooooooooo awesome!! YEAH for Christian!
    Yeah for Amazon! Yeah for Amber & Kayla!
    Much much love to all of you! SMOOCHES!

  4. PS: I'll take any box with Insurgent ;)
    This is gr8. I feel good, the sun is shining, and everyone is happy, and I was able to make a small impact for Christian and his family.
    Much love to you all again for making this happen <3 <3 <3

  5. Yep you understood right, the stuff you see above is just the start. Amazon Publishing (not Amazon the web site, but their publishing house) is sending a lot of stuff as well- 25 boxes and 812lbs worth!

    Once I know what day the boxes will go live, I will keep everyone updated so they can be at the computer the second they are available. Each box is unique and there will only be one of each :0)

    Thank you for supporting us in this journey for Christian!

  6. Not only do I see the Kindle Fire...I also happen to see a book I recently sent out. :) I am proud as heck to be involved in any way. I hope that the money this raises helps Christian in so many possible ways. You may be thanking us, Kayla and Amber, but I for one am thanking you for letting me help.

  7. I am SO going to enter this contest.... I hope I don't get the box with my book in it. I already read it.

  8. I have a question (you have probably answered this somewhere but I can't remember) what if two people want the same box? is it just whoever buys it first?

    This is an amazing thing you are doing and it is great to see the book community come together and help out.

  9. Liz - This is a great question!

    Each box will have a "buy it now" button next to it, once it's purchased anyone who clicks on that box will see that it is gone. We fully intend to remove the photos and listing as they go - but in the event things sell over night or when we are busy this iwll help prevent people from buying the the same box over and over.

    I hope that helps answer your question and makes you see why getting in fast when the sales go up is important! Only one of each box and a lot of people who will want them :0)

    1. Thank you that was very helpful. I wrote down that it was the second week in June (easy to remember since that is my birthday week lol.) excited to see the boxes!!

  10. where are the boxes going to be listed once finished?
    is it paypal only or paypal and credit/debit card options?
    I am loading up my card to get ready..lolz..
    hopefully my laptop is quick that nite/day!
    my luck I find a box I love then BAM! the electric goes out, the cat steps on the laptop and shuts it down, in my excitement I knock my drink over the keyboard and kill my laptop, etc.
    I am a BIG believer in Murphy's Law that's why I try to keep my karma clean as a whistle.
    TRY is the operative word ;) lolz.
    thanx again! <3 <3

    1. Okay, let me see if I can get all these answered for you!

      - The books will be listed on the blog here. The page is to be determined as of right now

      - Pay Pal will be preferred, checks, unless processed through pay pal will not be accepted. Each of the boxes will have a Pay Pal Buy it Now button by it for easy shopping.

      - I will keep my fingers crossed for you that nothing goes wrong for you (or us!) the night things go live, and about that we will announce a date and time as soon as we have all the boxes put together.

      - About your letter, you will have to be more specific. With the amount of e-mail and snail mail I have been getting over the past few weeks I am not sure where to look or who (real name) it would be from ;)

  11. PS: did my letter arrive to you yet?

  12. What's the policy going to be for author-focused service donations? Are those going to auction or flat rate sale?

    1. Abria - great question as well! The author related services, because they are worth so very much more than $25, will be auctioned off. As of right now the auction will run on the blog here, a comment is your bid and they will run 3-5 days about.


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