10 May 2012

{Hey MMSAI} Where’s Your 50 Shades of Grey Review?

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Sorry loyal and fantastic readers, there will not be one.


There are a few reasons why, but only 2 are really, really important.

The first is simply that this is a YA blog, not an NC-17 blog. While I make exceptions for adult fiction from time to time, and early on reviewed (and loved) some Black Dagger Brotherhood before this blog really became anything. The fact is NOW, it’s only YA.

This doesn’t mean I’m a prude who went all PG on you. I just keep those reviews off the blog. I’m anything but innocent. Trust that. Do you KNOW the name of my book club?!

The second reason is a little involved, but I’ll make is as simple as possible:

I’m a writer.

Was that too simple? Yea, I can see how.

Okay here’s what I mean: We all know from the amount of information, interviews and what-nots out there about Stephenie Meyer that she worked really hard to set the example of “sex AFTER marriage” in her Twilight novels. (You do know that 50 Shades was a fan fiction based off Twilight, right? Before it was edited, given a cover and a movie deal? Yup.)

AS A WRITER if I worked that hard to set that particular example in my books, something I believed in, and wanted more young people to understand was ok. I would be pretty cheesed off if someone took it, twisted it and turned it into a dirty, sweaty, romp in the sheets porn. And this would be regardless of weather or not the characters in the fan fic were adults or not. I wouldn’t want to be someone’s inspiration for that, and I wouldn't want my Young Adult books to be either.

Fan Fiction is just that, fiction written by fans. Thousands of books, shows and movies are all apart of the world and subject to having fan fics written about them. They will always be there. Note: I‘m not bagging on the community, more power to you, write til your little hearts content! I just can’t grasp; personally, how people can claim to be “such a huge fan” of an author who is so big on abstinence in life and in her writing, and yet write and publish porn based her novels?

Contradiction in it’s simplest form my friends.

Anyone who thinks that Stephenie Meyer, the strict Mormon, is sitting at home filled to the tippy top with joy about her intended-to-be-innocent novels inspiring 50 Shades of Grey, is on something serious and hallucinogenic.

Now, before you get out your pitchforks and snarky replies….please try to remember…this is MY PERSONAL REASON FOR NOT READING AND REVIEWING. I would feel this way about any novel promoting abstinence being turned into published porn. I am not forcing or expecting my opinion to become the popular one.  I have NOTHING against anyone who is reading, and enjoying it. I just am looking at it from the authors side and don’t think I can do it myself.


PS – Dear Target, Wal-Mart and other family oriented stores who’s book section is next to Justin Bieber end caps and across from the toy department – WHY IN THE NAME OF GOD ARE YOU CARRYING THIS BOOK? At least slap a freaking EXPLICIT CONTENT sticker on it!? A tween can’t buy Eminem’s CD, but they have no trouble snapping up a copy of 50 Shades!? Simply putting a sign above the book stating it’s the NEW ADULT release doesn’t help….YA’s see that and think ADULT FICTION not EROTIC FICTION.




  1. My reason is that I've it;s got horrible editing and a lot of typos. I also don't read straight up romance novels, I never got those when it came to adult fiction.

    Anyway, you have some seriously good valid points about why you won't read it and why it needs to known to your readers. Hats off to you :)

  2. What is the name of your book club??

    1. I was wondering this too, lol
      ♥Isalys / Book Soulmates

  3. I agree. An author I met last November said she tried to read it, but it was just so close to Twilight she couldn't finish. Plus, sometimes, the whole big deal just turns me off of books. I'm not a prude either, but really, I just have no desire to read this. Great reasons for why you aren't reading or reviewing it.

  4. Fakesteph - it's called the um...Book Fluffers...lol. Porn term...this is what happens when sleep deprived 20-30 year olds try to name a club at their first meeting :0)

    @Lisa - I think that a lot of the Twilight stuff was taken out for the print books....wouldn't you think? Otherwise there would be a plagiarism thing going on a bit. Maybe someone who's read both can tell me.....

  5. You know, I never thought of that "abstinence before marriage" and how it got twisted. I never read Twilight nor do I intend to.

    I won't read 50 Shades simply because from what I heard from people who've read it and from reviews and such it's pretty..well, let's say tame to what I'm used to. Plus, I saw the interview with the author on..I think it was 20/20 or something like it. And the way she presented her research material was just...awful. She saw some movies and read on the internet. Also, I can't quite get the image of the whole sparkly vampire away from my head. But on a serious note, I find it a little sad that this book, a fanfic, has this type of media coverage, when there are other, original books that deserve it. I'm not against fanfic. At all, I actually encourage it as long as it is used for learning the ropes so to speak, or for finding your voice, or simply for fun. But to get this type of attention, I don't know. It's someone else's world, you're just changing a few details.

    WOW, wrote a novel. Sorry about that *sheepish*

  6. Wow, I didn't know that 50 Shades was Fan Fic.. I would agree, If I was Stephenie Meyer I would NOT be happy.. I always find it interesting when parents say they won't let there kids see Twilight cause it is over sexualized.. obviously they don't know the part about how important the abstinence Message was to the author.

  7. Personally, I will withhold judgement til I read what Stephanie M has to say on the matter--but I will bet you a dollar she never says anything at all. That would just feed the flames.

    But if it were my work that was co-opted.... I think I might be flattered. Obviously, I made an impression on someone to the point they went off on their own, and that'a great. See, religion, to me, at least, is personal. What *I* do is my business, and I don't have the right (or want) to make others toe the line in the manner I may choose. I might not like what was done to my characters...even in the most distant possible incarnation...but once I put the tale out there, I have no control over it. Where the words I wrote take people might not be where I would follow, but it's their path at that point.

    Tolkien felt that even though the public purchased copies of his works, he still felt they were "his" and he could do with them what he pleased--including screw with the "truth" of what was written. Stephanie may very well feel the same. But in the end, once it's out there, man, it's out there....no going back, and you can't imagine the wackyness that will result.

    (Just ask Doug Bradley about the "love letters" he gets from Japanese women about his portrayal of Pinhead.)

    Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery; so all in all, I think I'd be a bit thrilled. (Pity I couldn't demand a cut of the sales!)

    In the end....from what I've read about the books...they're BSDM heavy, which definitely makes them non-YA material. More like Adult Fiction/Erotica, which is not MMSAI's focus, so I agree with that reasoning for not doing a review.

    ....as a writer I have to add this: I would kill to have a fraction of the sales 50 Shades is getting!... OY!...

  8. Phil, I see your points but I really wouldn't want her money, and while flattery is the....you know the rest - not that kind. In my eyes anyway.

    50 Shades is poorly written and even more poorly edited. It's literally painful to trudge through just for a few hot sex scenes (says about 6 of my close friends who are fairly big in the erotic fiction genre) I wouldn't want to get paid for doing my dream so poorly that it barely qualifies as the written word....

    This phase will come and go for her, her fame will fizzle out and while she will have more thickly lined pockets for a while because of it - in 10 years no one will remember her, and her pockets will be thin again. I'd rather people remember me and my work for how good it is, no mater what I did or didn't make off them, than have her insta-fame and bank account.

    As for Steph Meyer, no she won't say anything because that's the kind of woman she is. Classy. But she doens't have to for it to be assumed, at least in the slightest bit, how this would effect someone with the morals and stands she does. Religion or not. Simple common sense says she's not out buying the set...

  9. Wow, you really changed my mind about this book. I originally (after reading half of it) thought that this was badly written and disgusting. I know think it's badly written, disgusting and Stephenie Meyer should go out and beat at the writer with a dusty carpet. Just sayin'

    =^.^= ComaCalm's Corner =^.^=

    Disclaimer: These are my personal views and do not represent MMSAI's in any way. Why would they? So there. *sticks tongue out*

  10. I had no interest in reading these and the more someone tries to convince me that I should because, "you read Twilight, why not these?" the more adverse I become.

    Truth is that while I enjoyed Twilight, these are NOT Twilight. Besides, my tastes and my scrutiny for books have evolved A LOT since Twilight.

    The reasons *I* chose not to read these:
    1) The hype...it just plain 'ol bugs me.
    2) Poor editing...as a self-appointed Grammar Nazi with OCD tendencies, my brain just can't handle it.
    3) Not into S&M...I don't dislike it in books if it's tastefully done (well, as tasteful as fetishes can get anyway) but can do without it.
    4) I hear the heroine is pretty weak and subservient in the first book and even though she supposedly matures, I hate weak characters!

    So yeah...
    ♥Isalys / Book Soulmates

    PS: I agree with the "Dear Target, Wal-Mart and other family oriented stores" directed rant! I can't entirely blame the stores because it would be ridiculous to expect them to pass on the opportunity to capitalize on the sales...but if CDs come with warning stickers, Playboy and even Hollister mags come w/ a plastic wrapping, then "erotica" books should as well!

  11. I agree Amber, ALL the ff I read stayed true to stephs vision. When I first found Twilight (winter of 08) I became obsessed with fanfic.net I didn't want my twilight love to end. I liked how ppl gave back stories to didyme (I love her character as brief as it was/is..lol) and the denali clan, volturi (I am obsessed with all things volturi), etc.
    They still stayed within the parameters, I know ff is kinda cheesy,ppl scoff at it, etc.

    I don't think 50 shades should be out on any shelf all Willy Nilly. My bookstore keeps it behind the counter.
    I thought it would be kinda cool, kinda sexy, ya know? The first love scene was like kinda romantic, after the umpteenth I was flipping through em all-fast.
    I saw strong Twilight influences. Strong. James became Ana's ex boss, Christian played piano, Ana bites her lip ala' K Stew.
    As I got deeper into it Ana ticked me off, Christian did too. His over protection was beyond creepy. Sure, ppl knocked Eddie but Christian was sick in the head obsessive.
    I enjoyed the crazy stalker boss/girlfriend scenes though. I won't lie. The love scenes did not interest me. They were never nice just -ugh. I'd never let my soul mate treat me like that! Overall, I'm glad I experienced the phenomena. I am also glad I can give ppl a warning. Its not good enough to overlook the lame parts. Don't waste ur time.

    Walmart has banned a lot of other books,music,etc, due to content, but 50 Shades is out there for the world to peruse w/no warning. In my Walmart its right by YA books, I thought until recently it WAS YA.


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