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{Books for Charity} The Christian Hurt Files

It’s no surprise to any of you Bloggers, Authors, Editors and other booky folks, that we have one of the most generous and loving communities out there. While we may disagree from time to time, one thing stands on solid ground – when people need help, we give it.

This is why I’m taking this story to the blog, and not just in e-mail as I had earlier today. I ask that if you have 5 minutes, you give it to this blog post.

The Details: 559369_384088061626120_100000747881888_1241441_441346655_nChristian Hurt isn’t someone you know, he’s not even someone I know (personally) but he’s someone's son, someone's grandson, and many peoples friend. He’s a young man with dreams and goals. Dreams and goals that were 418235_341744682527125_100000747881888_1123687_1972986861_nmostly taken from him when he suffered a broken neck last football season. And, the reason he’s important to me, is because he’s the cousin of MMSAI’s very own Kayla.

Kayla reached out to me to see if I could post about him, in hopes that people would consider donating to his surgery fund. Christian's family found a doctor in Germany that could replace the broken parts of Christian's neck and give him back, more than likely, everything he had lost. His insurance doesn’t cover surgery in Germany and so they are trying to raise the money on their own. 
You all know me, I’m a GO BIG OR GO HOME type a gal and so I started a collection, beginning with my friends through e-mail this morning. The response was immediate, and overwhelming. As Kayla and I sat at our respective computers, thousands of miles apart, we were both nearly in tears at the show of love and support to a boy none of you had ever met. It became clear to me at that moment that this was bigger than we imagined and it was time to take it to the blog.

What Can You Do? You should know, We’re not asking for money. As Authors, Writers, Publishers, Bloggers, and Book Lovers we continually find our book shelves over flowing. More often than not we call out to Twitter looking to trade, share and giveaway items we no longer need but others are dying to get their hands on.
Well, what if you gave one of books to us?

The goal of MMSAI is to spend a few weeks collecting as many donations as we can in the form of:
  • New/Used Books YA, MG, Adult Fiction and Non-Fiction
  • ARCs
  • Autographs
  • Swag
  • Music
  • Gift Cards
  • Movies
  • Query Letter Help/Editing Help (time donation)
  • Essentially things you already have around the house ;)
Once we have complied, what we know will be a prize pack of EPIC PROPORTIONS we plan to give it away. Yes, GIVE it away.
This giveaway will run for several weeks on MMSAI, and entering will be simple. For every $1 any person donates they will get 1 entry into the raffle for this prize pack. And yes, even those who donate to the prize pack are eligible to win!! 

The Prize Pack right now, is fantastic, but I want to make it utterly impossible for anyone to pass up….

Will you help us? Will you look through your drawers for swag and on your shelves for books? Will you donate your time to help give a young man back the part of his life that was taken from him?

When the prize pack comes around, will you skip a cup of coffee at Starbucks that week to give the $5 to a fantastic cause, and enter for your chance to win?

Will you share this blog post with your Twitter, Facebook and Blog Followers? If you can’t donate an item, or money to enter the raffle can you at least help spread the word?

If you want to help by donating an item to the prize pack please e-mail me at meandmyshelf (at) gmail (dot) com
If you want to help spread the story, please tweet it, post it to you blog (just please link back!!!!) or share the link to this post on Facebook!!!

For more info On Christian & His injury:
Newspaper Article (Elkin Tribune):
Video/Interview with Christian On The News Station:
Newspaper Article (Yadkin Ripple):


MMSAI would like to thank those who have already generously donated time, money, books and other fantastic items to this cause: Amy Ackley, Yara Santos of Once Upon a Twilight, Jon Skovron, CA Kunz, Sarah Hillyar, Danny Marks, MR Merrick, Sherry Gammon, Isalys Blackwell of Book Soulmates, Lori Culwell and Sarah Nichols.


  1. I'm in to help.

    Twitter. Blog. Book. All yours.

    (Amber, check your email.)

  2. DITTO! I am in! Sent email to both of you yesterday..
    This is going to be awesome!
    Bless you both and Christian and everyone who is apart of this in any way shape or form :)

  3. Books coming soon..will let you know. :)

  4. Sidebar image there, post coming this morning, email on its way letting you know about books and swag and just tweeted. :)

  5. Thank you everyone, for every tiny bit of help you offer! Each book, post, RT, blog post - it's all so very helpful!!

    Thank you so much!

    Kayla and Amber

  6. Hi Amber and Kayla,

    Can you please send me your mailing address. I'd love to donate a print copy of "ReVamped" if you'd like. I will also let others know about it.

    Best regards,

  7. Ada, I'm not sure if you got a reply from me or not, but if you follow the email address above in the post meandmyshelf at gmail dot com
    you can reach me at an e-mail address I can properly respond to you through and get you the the address and info you are looking for.

  8. Dude. You spelled my name wrong. ;-)


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