06 May 2012

{Book Review} Dreamless by Josephine Angelini

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Starcrossed #2
Author: Josephine Angelini
Pages: 487
Release Date: May 29, 2012
Publisher: HarperTeen
Format: ARC 
Rating: 3.5 – 4 Birds

As the only Scion that can enter Hades at will, Helen descends to the Underworld in search of a way to overcome the Furies and end the cycle of revenge that has cursed the Scions. But she’s running out of time. Each descent weakens her both in mind and spirit. A mysterious stranger might be her only salvation, but the price may be her love for Lucas Delos.
As an unforgettable love triangle emerges, Josephine Angelini’s compelling saga becomes ever more intricate and spellbinding. The eagerly awaited sequel to the internationally bestselling Starcrossed, Dreamless delivers with a huge emotional impact that will leave readers satisfied—and longing for more.

Reviews like this are hard for me to write. I loved the middle and the end but the beginning was a bit jumbled and confusing for me. Seems easy enough right? I mean I basically just told you the key points in the review. But…if that was all I did as a reviewer, I would seriously suck.

Here’s the break down: Angelini’s DREAMLESS will grab you with both hands and not let you go with it’s unique story that brings Greek myth to life. We still have our Delos family, and Helen and she even throws in some ugly, smelly and mean as shit, havoc reeking monsters. She tops off the whole freaky sundae with a new (and hot) member to the cast, Orion.

Angelini balances more than a bakers dozen worth of characters with ease, never confusing the reader or forgetting about anyone. I find this to be a a total achievement for any writer because it’s hard to make sure everyone plays their part equally. She never leaves anyone behind and then brings them back up like an after thought 4 chapters later, and it never feels crowded either

The setting and ideas behind Helen’s challenges in DREAMLESS are breathtaking and creative, and will leave you on the edge of your seat. This I won’t go into too much detail about because I don’t want to give anything away. You will have to venture into it on your own when you get your copy of DREAMLESS.

The part that had me going back and forth when I started to write this review, was the beginning of the book. It felt like STARCROSSED and DREAMLESS were written together, and Angelini cut the one manuscript in half to make two. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, except I felt things weren't explained well at the start of DREAMLESS. I know we all hate when an author takes up 3 chapters retelling the whole of the book before it. There’s better, and more subtle ways of merging what’s important into it’s sequel.

The thing is, there was no explanation in the beginning this time. this makes things difficult because when people spend a year between books, and fill those days reading dozens of other books the last thing you want is to sit around racking your brain trying to remember something that the book is telling you, you should already know. It was a little frustrating, but the my struggle with it faded after about 70-100 pages and I felt confident I wasn’t really missing anything any more.

The other thing that was hard at first for me was the switching POV’s with little to no notice. In YA we get used to this happening in chapters, and yes I read the ARC and it could be more solidly noted with page breaks when the final copies are out, but it was rather dizzying to have to go back a few sentences when I would start reading from someone else’s POV just to make sure I hadn’t accidentally skipped something. I can’t really fault someone for a writing style preference, and in the end it’s the only way this book could have worked. Still, I had to adjust.

In the end I’m giving DREAMLESS a 3.5 – 4 Bird review. It’s unique, full of heart pounding suspense, romance and myth. But the downfalls for me came with the beginning of the book, which is the most important part. Getting past the struggle I had (which you may very well not have them – we’re all different) is well worth the book and I implore you to pick it up and continue on this story.

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3.5 – 4 Birds

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  1. I'm so glad you enjoyed this, if not loved it to death ;) I agree though, the beginning was kind of rough, but it got reaaaalllyyyy good from there onwards. :) Love your blog and reviews!

    My thoughts on Dreamless: http://chocolatecoatedreviews.blogspot.com/2012/06/review-dreamless-by-josephine-angelini.html


  2. Dreamless 100% lives up to its name because I stayed up all night reading it! I was SO happy to hook back up with Helen and go back inside her kick ass world! Unlike Starcrossed, there is a love triangle in this book - on top of all the incredible Greek God stuff! So good! I cannot wait for the 3rd one!!!
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