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{Top Ten Tuesday} 23


Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. It was created because of their love of lists, and I myself love lists as well - so you will see it frequently popping up on MMSAI, although admittedly we have not done them in a while – let me tell you, we are happy to be back at it!

Everyone is welcome to join in, and don't worry if you can't think of 10 - just do as many as you can. And of course, be sure to link back to TBATB (and leave me a link here too!) on your post!
As always they are in no particular order.

This Weeks Topic is:

1. What I find most important for new bloggers, and bloggers in general is to BRAND YOURSELF. What does this mean? Well in short, get your blog design, name, and avatars on FB & Twitter set and leave them alone!
Sure, over time things need to be updated a bit (after a year and ahlaf I re-vamped only what needed it), but don’t mess with a good thing. Your logo, especially in the vast world of Twitter, is how people recognize you. Think of all the major companies, has their logo changed much, if at all? No.
Changing your layout and logo constantly just confuses people, think of it as a mental set back to square one each time you do it, for your readers.

2. On the same topic as above MAKE YOUR AVATAR ON TWITTER YOUR FACE/YOUR BLOG LOGO. Sure, I like to support my fellow authors as much as the next person – but do you know what people think when they see the book cover as your avatar? They think you’re the author. Plus 8 patrillion people on Twitter have the same cover as their avatar, how can we tell you apart when that feed is flying past at mach 4?

3. BE READY TO INVEST A LITTLE MONEY. Giveaways are not mandatory on any blog, but anyone with the brain of a slug can tell you the way they see the most new blogs, is by entering giveaways. It’s a great way to bring in new people, they can’t see your blog if they don’t know it’s there, right? Right. Everyone loves free stuff. Take those dollars shoved away for a rainy day and invest something everyone is looking forward to buying when it’s out, and wall-ah – instant traffic.

4. BE READY TO INVEST A LOT OF TIME. Good blogs don’t happen over night or in just a few hours. It would be fantastic if all you had to do was start a new blog and all the glory was there, but it’s the real world my friends. You have to get out there, make friends, tweet A LOT! The more you get your name out, the more people will know you’re there. When I started MMSAI the first year I read 117 books, spent hours and hours on the blog a day writing my reviews and participating in memes and making sure I had something new at least every other day. This is how I did it, it will work different for you but the thing that will remain the same is – it will take time and never give up!

5. PARTICIPATE IN MEMES. Memes are great! It’s a fun way to hook up in a Linky with others and be apart of something. Top Ten Tuesday is a meme, and blogs all over have them. Find ones you like and join up!!!!

6. COMMENT! Comment back to people when they take time to comment on your posts. Read the comments and respond accordingly if they require it. Also, go to other blogs and comment as much as you can (remember I said this took a lot of time…) Be the reader you want people to be on YOUR blog…you want comments, so does everyone. If you stop in to read something, even if it doesn’t grab you – let them know you were there!

7. BE HONEST! BE YOU! Look, anyone can write a book report. Anyone can regurgitate the blurb on a book. Don’t do it. People read reviews because they have personality. You didn’t like something – say so! Do so by making points about the book and backing it up with facts. Don’t rag on a book just because you can, you won’t make any friends, it will just start an unneeded war online and in the end you’ll lose friends before you gain them. Authors and publishers are looking for fair minded, mature, smart and well worded reviews. Be they good or bad. I’ve written a ton of bad reviews, that were fair, honest and had major points. And you know what, when your point is valid – Authors appreciate it.

8.DO IT FOR THE RIGHT REASONS! Being a book blogger doesn’t mean ARCs. SO if you’re only hoping to some by starting a blog, please don’t. Starting something with bad intentions never ends well for anyone. And besides, it takes MONTHS to earn the klout needed for a publisher to send you ARCs.  



  1. Great tips! I totally agree with all of these, a definite must-read for new bloggers! :)

  2. Great tips and I really appreciate every single one! :)

  3. Great tips! It took me a while to 'brand' myself but once I did I felt more permanent in the book blogging world and more professional at the same time. It did take me a bit too to find the right 'brand' - after 3 designs in 2 years I'm finally completely satisfied with my 'brand'.

    Investing time - - wow is this an understatement. It really is another job but a job I love!

    Comment - this is all too true. Sometimes I know I find myself so concerned about my own blog that I forget about others' so I have scheduled time every day to comment on at least 3 reviews and 2 non-review posts. There are of course those blogs that I 'stalk' and those are not included in this daily goal.

    Great tips, even for those that are not new bloggers!

  4. Participate in memes really helped me a lot! Not only is it very funny to see other people their reactions, it's a nice way to lay the basis of a friendship.


  5. I'm glad everyone is enjoying these tips. I wrote it in a rush last night so I'm actually more glad they make sense to people other than just me :0)

    Happy Blogging!

  6. Love these tips... especially "be the reader you want people to be on your blog".

  7. Great tips! I think focusing on the branding is very important. You are right, people won't know you are there unless they see you out and about.

  8. :) These are all amazing tips! Thanks for the brand name idea, and positive ideas!
    I noticed you have the TEN widget, I seriously can't wait for that book to come out! I love suspenseful mysteries!
    New follower by GFC!


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