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{Interview + Giveaway} Angela Carling

We have Angela Carling, author of UNBREAKABLE LOVE on the blog today. She’s been gracious enough to include us in her blog tour, and even has a giveaway for you, my lovely readers!

5331346About The Author: Angela Carling was raised in Palm Springs, California but now resides in Phoenix, Arizona with her husband, three kids and five felines. After years of denial, she final admitted, that she is in fact, a hopeless romantic, which allowed her to let down her hair and write her first book, Unbreakable Love. She always eats the frosting of her cake and cookies but leaves the rest, and can be caught singing in public bathrooms just for the acoustics. She graduated from Brigham Young University with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology. When she is not writing YA novels, she is secretly using her family as Guiney pigs to test what she learned in College.

About The Book: Jennie Townsend is unlucky in love, so she is immediately suspicious when a mysterious new student named Nate tries to gain her friendship. But there is something special about Nate, and in spite of her best efforts Jennie finds her feelings for the boy growing deeper every day.
In fact, Nate is more special than Jennie can even imagine. He is a guardian angel, sent to protect Jennie during a most dangerous time in her life. To do so, he must first become close to her - but not too close. The rules for Protectors warn against physical contact and strictly forbid falling in love. But the more time Nate spends with Jennie, the harder the rules are to follow. Will Nate be able to save Jennie from a premature end, or will his own emotions - and Jennie's - get in the way of completing the task for which he was specifically chosen? 

With Unbreakable Love, Angela Carling has created a captivating story for young adult readers, with a refreshing twist on relationship issues. It is an ode to the magical power of true love, a tribute to belief in a benevolent higher power that watches over us and surrounds us every day of our lives. (Click the book cover to add it to your TBR pile)

Interview With Angela Carling:
MMSAI: I am a self proclaimed cover snob and have been known to judge a book by it's cover more than once. Are you also guilty of judging books by their cover? And what did you think of your cover for Unbreakable Love when you first saw it?
AC: You may be a cover snob, but I, at least before Unbreakable Love was a cover virgin, inexperienced  in all things cover(how embarrassing).  When I first saw the cover, I was torn.  I liked the picture, it is expressive and Nate is adorable but I didn’t really feel like it represented the story as well as I’d hoped. Chalk it up to learning.  For my next book Shackled (cover reveal is May 1st) I hired a photographer and models and I like it a lot better. 
MMSAI: Unbreakable Love is a stand alone novel, in a world full of series. Did you go into writing it with the intention of it being a stand alone or did the book "just write itself" that way?
AC: I did wrap it up pretty tight at the end of the book, but I never intended to write a series.  To be honest, I was shocked when someone wanted to publish my novice ramblings.. In fact, I wrote the book as a promise to my kids so they could see me aspire and work as hard as they were in school, never knowing where it would lead. Now, I’m really glad I wrote it stand alone. It was great first run and I got to put all my heart and passion into it without wondering where it would go once the first book was complete.  I am however, laying out the outline for my first series of three books.  I have two ideas in mind and may even ask the world at large which one they would like to see written.  Until then, I’m hoping you guys get to know my writing style through Unbreakable Love and Shackled(pub date June 1st).
MMSAI: Do you see yourself in any of your characters?
AC: Let’s just say I can be bribed with thin mint girl scout cookies just like Celeste(Nate’s guardian angel supervisor), but hopefully, I am not as grouchy.  I also relate to Nate.  His intentions are good, but his imperfect nature keeps getting in the way.   At least that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it.
MMSAI: What will we find you doing if you are not writing?
AC: Sleeping is my favorite lately, But I also love to read and hang out with my family.  They can be pretty entertaining, especially my teenagers. 
MMSAI: Everyone here gets a silly question, so here is yours: If you were a super hero, what would your power be and why?
AC: I would be just like the wife on the Incredibles, super fast so I could do all the mundane stuff in no time flat and save all the rest of the time for my favorite things like writing stories.  Plus, I’m sure superspeed makes you burn so many calories that you can eat all the chocolate you want.
Would you like to read UNBREAKABLE LOVE? I bet you would! How would you like an AUTOGRAPHED copy? I thought so! Simply enter your Name and Email HERE

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  1. Its a shame that Angela doesn't love her cover as much as I do - I actually think its kind of hot yet warming at the same time. OMG I would love to be be the wife on Incredibles too - - I could just imagine how many books I can read in a single day! not to mention the menial house work and homework.

    Great interview - love your insightful questions.


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