09 April 2012

{Book Review} Intangible

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Author: J. Meyers
Format: eBook
Pages: 340
Publisher: Self published
Published: January 31, 2012
Rating: 4.5 Birds

Twins Sera and Luke Raine have a well-kept secret—she heals with a touch of her hand, he sees the future. All their lives they’ve helped those in need on the sly. They’ve always thought of their abilities as being a gift.
Then Luke has a vision that Sera is killed. That gift they’ve always cherished begins to feel an awful lot like a curse. Because the thing about Luke’s ability? He’s always right. And he can’t do anything about it.

I really enjoyed Intangible, it was very unique and I like that. I was put together very differently than anything that I’ve read before. In Intangible J. Meyers switched points of view a lot. The only reason I rated it four and a half instead of five is because I sometimes had trouble following what was going on in the beginning. After I got through the first 50 pages, this story really took off!
In Intangible you are introduced to Luke who can see the future and you get to witness one of his visions; Sera is Luke’s twin sister and she also has a special ability which is to heal people. I don’t want to go in too deep with details because it would spoil it for you. I just have to say that I am so glad I pressed through the beginning because you are introduced to some really amazing characters. I loved the world building in particular; J. Meyers made every situation feel so real.
Fey and Quinn are Sera and Luke’s best friends. Luke and Sera don’t have many friends but felt drawn to Fey and Quinn, you will find out why when you read the story. Marc is the romance interest in this story for Sera. Marc really made me angry during some parts, he was a really big jerk to Sera. Also, last but not least Vampire Jonas… I loved his character. He was definitely my favorite character. Although he is a Vampire and is known to be evil and soulless he proves this thought wrong with flying colors.
There is a happy ending, but it wasn’t what I thought was going to happen at all. The ending really took me by surprise, and while I was disappointed with it at first I now appreciate it because in real life not everything ends happily.
If you like books with action, the supernatural, family, love, and a little romance; you will thoroughly enjoy this book.

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  1. This looks great! I'll have to check it out.

  2. I will be reading this book very soon! Can't wait to get started! Thanks for the review! :)

  3. Great review! I plan on reading this very soon, and it's nice to know that the story is just as unique as the description makes it out to be. =)


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