Monday, March 12, 2012

{ROAD TRIP} InsaniTEA Party!

So you may have noticed that my Twitter and Facebook were a little quite this weekend. No doubt some of you were all a little thankful. *wink* Well, for those of you who actually missed me – I want to tell you where I was!

I drove to Lansing Michigan with 5 friends for my fellow Rebel, Leah Clifford’s Book release Party for A TOUCH MORBID

You really missed out if you were not there, so I’m going to share my journey and the party pics with you now!

Day One:

States Hit: Minnesota, Wisconsin and Illinois.
Time in Car: About 6 hours with stops.

- Drove with Heidi, Katie and Marta to Illinois: and met a friendly red headed man…(sorry, ginger man?) who really wanted his photo with us.


- Stopped in to see Rev. Jim, have some “Holy Water” and try out the only Drive Thru Wedding Chapel I think Wisconsin Has.


Reached Illinois, had some Chicago deep dish pizza, picked up Beth and headed off the next morning.

Day Two

States Hit: Illinois, Indiana and Michigan
Time in Car: About 5 hours with stops

- Got up at literally the CRACK of dawn and loaded into the van, heading from Illinois to Michigan.

- Yelled at a man at a toll stop who was paying a $4 toll with dimes and nickels and then somehow had a TON of change come back out that he had to collect and organize before moving on…..I actually offered him a dollar to forget the damn .35 and move his car because I was passed being on Empty and still 2 miles from a gas station. He was sympathetic to my situation, flicked me off and said some nice words….

- Got to hotel about Noon-ish after the GPS failed me for the second time in 2 days (Every time I got with in 2 miles of my destination it would go crazy and take me the wrong way…..LOL) Quick got ready and headed to the book release at Schuler’s Books.

All of the Pretty Ladies:
L-R Marta, Heidi, Melissa (Rosmelie), Katie, Beth
Front: ME!


Myself and Leah Clifford, Author of A Touch Morbid


Rosmelie and I – Team MMSAI!


Had to get my photo with “AZ”!
(Clay from Claslan – follow him and his band on Twitter! @Claslan)


Day Three:

States Hit: Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota
Time in Car: About 13 hours with stops

- Really no photos from this day because we were up again very early to get on the road…Driving all day doesn’t leave a lot of time for photo taking and the pics wouldhave been rather lame, a bunch of girls in a car..?? LOL

- We picked up Erica from The Book Cellar so she could hitch a ride back with us to the Rockford area.

- We stopped for lunch in Chicago, had tea when we dropped off Beth and then kept trucking until I was home in MN around 8 PM.

It was exhausting, but SO MUCH FUN! I’m really happy I could show some support for Leah and hang out with her a bit and have my first real road trip with my friends!

Be sure to pick up Leah Clifford’s books ASAP! A Touch Mortal is now in Paperback and A Touch Morbid just came out and is available in hardcover!

BUY A Touch Mortal
BUY A Touch Morbid
Add them to your TBR pile, click the book cover!



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  1. It was so so awesome seeing you and the whole crew! :D Glad you guys got home safe! See you at the next one! (Luke theme? Hmmm)


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