Thursday, March 22, 2012

{Books for Charity}

HEY! Listen up everyone! MMSAI Blogger Sarah has a great cause she’s trying to help out – and you can help by donating your used books!!! Read on!


I'm on a mission to create two book baskets!  This would be for the gala event that takes place April 29th in Chicago at the Hilton Hotel for the AGMBS/AEHI school.  It is a silent auction. The reason why I want to do this is because books rule and that this school is amazing.   The books that I would like to have for the baskets would be Teen (YA) and regular fiction. One basket will be YA and the other will be regular fiction.  

The reason why I'm posting about this is because the school was founded by my parents and other parents who had children that were using Cued Speech and was unable to find a public school program that would support this choice.  So AEHI (Alternative for the Hearing Impaired) was created! They also agreed having Montessori education (AGBMS) would combine well with effective communication using Cued Speech.  The school has been around since 1986!

This year they are honoring the founding families who brought this vision to life.  My parents and other parents are included in this honor.  I'm very thankful for my parents to start this school. I'm  attending this event in April.  My goal is to make awesome baskets so that they can get great bids on them. It's all for the school.

If you would like to make a donation to my book baskets, let me know!  You can contact me at:  If you like to make a different donation, you can contact the school at their website:



  1. that's great :) hope u get pretty baskets :)

    [please make that captcha go away]

  2. Sorry, the captcha stays. It's the only way to keep spammers off the comments section. I didn't do it on my last blog and the comments are full of ads, that you can't delete. For cigarettes, tampons, everything...Really annoying.


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