22 March 2012

{Book Review} When You Open Your Eyes

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WhenYouOpenYourEyesWhen You Open Your Eyes
Author: Celeste Conway
Pages: 320 
Publisher: Simon Pulse 
Publication Date: March 20, 2012
Rating: 3 1/2 birds

The more you love, the more you stand to lose….

Tessa’s head over heels for Lucien, the son of a French diplomat. Sexy, artistic, and daring, he brings out a completely new side of her. With him, Tessa feels beautiful and exotic. So when Tessa’s strict father forbids her to see Lucien, she’s determined to keep their relationship a secret.

But as Tessa gets caught up in Lucien, he becomes increasingly volatile. What she once found alluring about him now feels alarming. Tessa must figure out how far she’ll go for Lucien before she risks losing not just him, but everything she loves.

I received this book, an advance reviewer copy uncorrected proof from one of my co bloggers.  While reading this book, I found myself thinking if I am going to like this story.   As I always do, I give the stories a chance!  So moving further and further into the book, I felt myself getting mad Tessa's father in beginning of the book due to the impression that Tessa has on her father.  Tessa's father is an FBI agent who is working at the US Embassy in Buenos Aires. It seems that her mother and father had some issues and then they are back together for some reason.  I had some weird feelings about this. I thought maybe her mother couldn't handle her father's job, but I was wrong.

Basically Tessa seems to be a girl who is wrapped up in Lucien's world and everything he does even when he turns hostile.  She gets herself into a world of art, fashion, drugs and sex.  She is inexperienced in all of this and yet she learns how to deal with these aspects. Her friends  that she has lets loose in all these aspects as if it was normal for them.  Her relationship with Lucien has her father's colleague stalking her to keep tabs on the relationship.  Which I found to be a bit strange.   Why was her father doing this? Why was his colleague going along with it?  Did her mother know about it?

The rest of Tessa's family seems decent. The relationship with Tessa and her mother seem interesting when they were doing so well without her father in the picture but when they were all together, it seemed her mother was living in another world.  Her brother seemed to be the same throughout the book until the ending.

The book did have twists and turns in it  which I wasn't expecting.  Emotions did pour out from the book here and there where it made me feel as I was part of the story. It does not happy ending which tells us sometimes life is like that.  I thought the whole story was different, unique and memorable!

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  1. Great review! This sounds like an interesting story that I might have to check out. Thank you for sharing! :)

  2. I love books with twists and turns. Sounds interesting. Great review!

  3. Yes it definitely sounds unique and different. I'm not quite sure if it is a fit for me but I'll keep it in mind. Fab review.


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