26 March 2012

{Book Review} Memories of the Dead

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Memories of the Dead Cover

Memories of the Dead
By: Phillip R. Hall
Format: ebook and Paperback 211pgs
Release Date: January 2, 2012
Rating: 3.5 birds

Locarno, when he was a boy of sixteen, was envious of vampires: they were elusive, immortal, strong, and powerful. But that was when he was foolish and young; and now, knowing what he knows, he understands that they are nothing but a plague upon humanity—a disease that needs to be removed. He despises them because of the things they did, and continue to do, to the unknowing populace: treating humanity like nothing more than cattle. And for that, they must be destroyed. This, his private journal—his memories—left for those who may find and read it, is a living record of the time when his destiny was first intertwined with unspeakable evil.

This book takes the reader from the time when Locarno first hears about vampires through his love with Juliana to the events that shape the remainder of his time on Earth.

I enjoyed this book immensely. While the descriptive scenes in the book perhaps aren’t for the faint of heart, Mr. Hall keeps it from becoming too uncomfortable. The reader gets to see not only a journal entry that recounts the events of this time but also the emotions behind Locarno’s actions. His love for Juliana and hers for him can teach society many lessons about love that while not always under the most perfect of circumstances can overcome.

This book was an exciting read and left me wanting more.

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  1. Thank you, Yvette, for such a kind review! :)

  2. Great review! I love the sound of this one and will definitely be checking it out. Thank you for sharing! :)


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