Tuesday, February 7, 2012

{Blog Tour + Giveaway} Shift by MR Merrick

Don’t-cha wish your blog post was as cool as mine….don‘t-cha **jazz hands, booty shake, jazz hands, running man….**
Oh….yeah, sorry ‘bout that. I uh, well I get carried away when I get to do cool stuff for blog tours.
*clears throat while turning three shades of red*
Okay so now that I’ve explained my terrible off key singing and that thing most kindly refer to as me “dancing”, but looks a bit more like an elderly orangutan having a seizure – let’s got onto the good stuff, the reason you are here…the man of the hour….MR MERRICK and book two in the Protector Series SHIFT! *and the crowd goes wild*
I get quotes, I love quotes. I very seriously could live my life speaking in only move/book quotes…and song lyrics! So this post for me is the best!
MR Merrick (I always feel like I’m calling him Mr. Merrick….wth?!) gave me several quotes for several characters, I am only picking some of the best ones (read: ones I deemed my favorites of the moment…*hehehe*) because truthfully if I put all of his up, I’ll want to add some of the ones I’ve found too and this post is CLEARLY getting long winded and off topic….sooo.with out further ado…here’s what you all waited for….SHIFT QUOTES!

- “Could you have left me out there much longer? Gods know what kind of monsters are running amok. This town is full of them, you know.”
- “Wonderful. Our fearless leader hears voices.”
- “This is what happens when untrained witches practice magic.”
- “Shows what you know, silly girl. Looks like your boyfriend is keeping secrets.”
- “Chase Williams, I do not like the clothing here. It is tight and uncomfortable. Especially when it bunches around my–”
- Where does she hide weapons in that tiny…dress?”
- “Trust me; when I push, you'll know it. It'll feel a lot like when I punch.”
- That's fine. We're training later, so I have an excuse to hit you.”
- “Who does that bitch think she is?”
**Rayna get’s three, she’s my favorite of all the characters in the book!**
- “Careful, you don’t know what I might, or might not, be wearing.”
- “You woke me up for shopping? I really hope you're kidding.”
-“You tried to eat my bird?”
**I like Chase too…lol**
- “I just wanted to see my son. Is that too much to ask?”
- “You’ve met my new pet; do not make me unleash him on you, son. He will change your world in a way you cannot imagine. I am only asking out of courtesy. You do not actually have a choice.”
- “I ha–, had an accident.”
-“I appreciate you looking out fo–, for me, but don’t.”
So there you have it folks, I’m surprised you all made this far and didn’t bolt off looking for where you can buy the books….here – I will even make that easy for you!! I’m so accommodating, it’s sickening!
Find out more about MR Merrick and his awesome books HERE

Or, quick buy EXILED Book One ON SALE for only .99!!! HERE

And Buy Book Two – SHIFT HERE

And how about we GIVE AWAY a copy of SHIFT!? Yes? Alright then…I’m sure MR Merrick won’t mind ;0)
Contest closed
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  1. I love Rayna and Chase's quotes. Rayna is such a badass;). Im loving this book! Thx for the giveaway! :D

    Fara @ Tumbling In Books

  2. Thanks for the great quotes and the giveaway!!

  3. I absolutely loved this book!! Matt is just friggin awesome! I didn't think it could get better than Exiled, but man was I wrong. This is one of the best series I have read. I am already dying to read the next book.

  4. One word Awesomesauce!!Loved Exiled n I know I'll love Shift!

  5. I loved Exiled and can't wait to get my grubby hands on Shift! Also, the quotes are a great "something different" for a book tour Amber.

    Thanks to you and Matt for the lovely giveaway (my hands may be one step closer to Shift).

    The Word Fiend

  6. Oh, I love these quotes. I'm half done Exiled, so now I need Shift! *wink wink*

    I call him Mr. Merrick as well.

  7. Yeah... there must just be something about him. I've met him in person and still call him Mr. Merrick lol

    Love the quotes!! (I don't need to be entered into the contest though)

  8. I so need to finish the current book I'm reading so I can start Shift (can't drop current book or I'll never pick it back up. >.o)


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