12 January 2012

{Book Review} The Space Between

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The Space Between
Author: Brenna Yocanoff
Pages: 363
Format: ARC
Publisher: RazorBill
Pub Date: November 15th 2011
Rating: 4.5 Birds

Everything is made of steel, even the flowers. How can you love anything in a place like this?
Daphne is the half-demon, half-fallen angel daughter of Lucifer and Lilith. Life for her is an endless expanse of time, until her brother Obie is kidnapped - and Daphne realizes she may be partially responsible. Determined to find him, Daphne travels from her home in Pandemonium to the vast streets of Earth, where everything is colder and more terrifying. With the help of the human boy she believes was the last person to see her brother alive, Daphne glimpses into his dreams, discovering clues to Obie's whereabouts. As she delves deeper into her demonic powers, she must navigate the jealousies and alliances of the violent archangels who stand in her way. But she also discovers, unexpectedly, what it means to love and be human in a world where human is the hardest thing to be.

Brenna Yovanoff’s books are always envelope me so completely, that when I finish them I am sad to see they are stand alones. In a world full of trilogy's, I do enjoy a singleton, to break things up now and then. But when you get to like main characters as much as I liked Daphne and Truman in The Space Between, saying good-bye can be a bit difficult and very bittersweet.

The Space Between is a complex and riveting story that spans from Heaven to Hell and in between. It may contain names of demons and angles you have read about before in mythology and other YA stories but I promise you – this story is different than anything you have read before. It reaches into the darkest depths of Hell, and the dingiest corners of Earth to bring you something hypnotic, atmospheric and gripping.

Daphne is the sheltered daughter of a demon and an angel. She lives in Hell, in a city called Pandemonium and though her sisters and brother travel to Earth to do their jobs, Daphne remains secured at home. It’s mostly her choice, because she is part good as well as part bad, unlike any of her siblings, she has a hard time understanding how they can do their evil and dark jobs.

This all changes when her brother goes missing, Obie is the only one who loved her, the only one who cared and Daphne is the only one who cares enough for him to look for him. She leaves the protection of the city, green and unaware of what to expect on Earth, to search for Obie and a boy named Truman who was the last human to see her brother alive. But Truman has his own secrets. His own issues and deep dark dysfunction.

I really, really enjoyed this novel, but one little thing stood out to me as lacking just a bit. The character Raymie, while she is very important to the story, felt kind of like a second thought to me. With out her, the story wouldn't have a purpose after awhile, but I wish there had bee more about her, she felt slightly undeveloped to me. That is the only “complaint” (for lack of a better word, though it seems too harsh and not what I really mean by it) I have about The Space Between, and it didn’t change my end thought of the book whatsoever.

Pick this novel up! I promise you will be surprised by the complexity and sheer genius of the plot!!!

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  1. I'm looking forward to reading this one! It looks really interesting :)

  2. The daughter of a demon and an angel living in hell? That's got me intrigued! Thanks for the awesome review, I was on the fence with this one but I'm going to have to pick it up now!

  3. This book has been on my wishlist for a while. I have read the sample and loved it. I think this might be one of the books I require in physical format instead of digital because the cover is so beautiful and the story seems so intriguing. Great review. I can't help but think of Daphne as a female (and way cooler) Little Nicky. LOL.

  4. This is next on my reading list (unless Bloodrose gets here first!) and I'm pretty excited for it - especially after this great review!

    Radiant Shadows


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