28 February 2011

Maggie Stiefvater Spring Cleaning Giveaway

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I'm a lame ass and this actually closes at 9 am TOMORROW morning - and I wouldn't even pass it on if I didn't think it woulnd't help my wee wee (ha! *giggle snort* I said wee wee, damn it's late...stupid beer! I mean no beer has effected my abil-er-matiy to tips...er type!) chances of wining....when really - asking all of you, my faithful 20 followers - decreases my chances even more so....*scratched head*

Okay that's too much thinking, Just enter the damn contest. And tell Maggie I sent you, she'll drive Lokki to your house and hug you if you do.

Gaze upon the swag I will...erm...YOU CAN possibly win.
And this is just one of three piles!

Book #34 Bumped

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Title: Bumped
Format: ARC
Pages: 244 (digital version)
Source: After reading blurb, I HAD to review this book.
Rating: 4 Birds

I have to start this review carefully, because I want to be fully honest with you that when I read the blurb for this book on Good Reads my very first thought was "I'm mortified, who would write something like this". Basically I think I felt this was because I was a pregnant teen, and the world McCafferty presents would be my worst nightmare.

Then I was presented the opportunity to read an advanced copy of it, and decided that I shouldn't judge so quickly, this book deserved a fair shake. (after all the cover is quite intriguing in itself...I'm a shameless cover snob I know) I am really happy I didn't let the blurb scare me away.

The basics of this story are that we are in 2035, a virus has spread throughout the world causing an inability to reproduce for anyone over the age of 18. Because of this, 13-18 year olds are contracted to have kids in order to save the human race, and those that are not "good enough" genetically (too short, test scores not great...) auction off their "deliveries" after they are born.

In the story we follow Melody and Harmony, identical twin sisters who have found each other after 16 years, in alternating perspectives through out. One is the groomed, rich, overachiever who is ready to "bump" with who ever is chosen for her by the people who contracted her for her "egg". The other is a Bible Thumper, raised on a secluded church run plantation of sorts.

In my opinion the first half of the book is nothing compared to the last. I felt, especially in the first dozen chapters that I wasn't getting any explanation for things such as what the abbreviated diseases stood for, what the made up slang words being used meant and so forth. Also a lot of the made up words were giggle worthy and sounded very "Valley Girl". While I fully grasp where the author was trying to go, I feel that for me this took it down a few extra maturity points.

At page 123; however, my perspective took on a whole new direction. A curve ball flys at you and then The. Game. Is. On. This story rolls out evenly and becomes quite a page turner. I found my self laughing a lot even though you may not think this book has humor - you have been corrected - it does. I have even taken some of the more colorful words used in the last half and stored them in my personal vocab stash (Hello - Cock Jockey, Spermjacked, and The phrase "Holy piss on a stick")

When the ending happens upon you, straight out of no where might I add, you are left checking good reads to find this is the first in a series. And I sure as hell bet there will be a longer then 9 month wait for the delivery of Bumped 2. What do you think it will be called? ReBumped, Still Bumping, or maybe Double Bump? Great, now for the rest of the night possible goofy sequel titles will be running through my head...be prepared there may be a WHOLE blog tomorrow full of them.

So to wrap up, here's where I get heavy (hey! it's a serious topic approached in this book and there's only so much goofiness I can bring in to this entry ok!?): My overall take on the book was: It was far better then the blurb lead me to believe it would be. The concept behind this story is great, literally a never-been-done-before kind of topic and I applaud McCafferty for going out on this limb and writing it. I feel it's a fairly mature topic and that maybe the world (or let's face it, the US) may not be ready for this type of thing. I just hope the world gives it a chance before judging, much like I almost did.

The whole world can check it out, March 26th 2011.

A 4 Bird score awarded to Bumped. Please mind the timer while you deliver you acceptance speech, and exit stage left when completed. The hunky Cock Jocky will show you the way (had to get in a little more giggle *snort*)


27 February 2011

Angelfire Giveaway

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Alright so one post back you got to hear me literally scream praise for this debut book by Courtney Allison Moulton - well here's your chance to win an autographed copy, among other awesome items and swag!

Follow this link, yep this one RIGHT HERE and it will take you to Courtneys GoodReads page where you can enter to win.

Then make sure you read this book and then go "OhMyGosh" then melt a little because the song Courtney posted today off the "Angelfire Playlist" was Bring Me To Life by Evanesence. Really I just fished the book and this song is per-fect!

Book #33 Angelfire

Title: Angelfire
Format: ePub on "Mah Nookie"
Pages: 464 (hardcover)
Source: Meeting author in March, and want to be prepared.
Rating: 5 Birds

Let me start off by saying that this is a fine example of "Don't judge a book by it's cover" - because while the cover has a lot to do with the story....sorry it's just...blah and lame and kinda strikes me as romance novel cover (where's Fabio?) with all the fog and smoke. However, I freaking loved the book so I'm super glad I didn't just pass this one up! In all honesty, while the cover fits the story - if this is supposed to be Ellie, the main charter - they shouldn't have made her look like she was in her late 20's early 30's. because the last thing this girl looks is still in high school.

Quick plot line run down: Ellie is 17, she is the reincarnated soul of a bad ass demon killer called a Preliator. She fights alongside her Guardian, Will who has the power to give her back her abilities everytime she turns 17. He's fought with her for 500 years, they are bonded together. Yeah, so she's one old soul. Cue demons, welcome Angles, fighting ensues....fun is had by all.

Onto my thoughts of the book: Ohmyfreakingosh I looooooved it!!! <--- notice="" the="" extra="" 'o's="" and="" over="" punctuation...yea="" it's="" serious.="" can="" i="" just="" stand="" up="" and="" clap="" while="" screaming="" -="" "yippie="" for="" the="" sword="" wielding,="" ass="" kicking="" main="" character",="" ellie.="" it="" makes="" me="" proud="" to="" have="" a="" daughter="" by="" the="" same="" name.="" this="" book="" is="" so="" packed,="" and="" has="" the="" funniest="" dialog="" in="" some="" parts,="" moulton="" really="" manages="" to="" effortlessly="" merge="" the="" world="" of="" bad="" ass="" monster="" fighter="" and="" typical="" 17="" year="" old="" girl.="" i="" know="" right,="" i="" wouldn't="" have="" believed="" it="" myself="" if="" i="" hadn't="" read="" it="" with="" my="" own="" two="" eyes.="">

All the characters are really solidly built, and by solidly I mean dayum Will. Hey, don't judge 'til you read it, this one had me going "Edward Cullen, who?".

There's some mystery with her dad that doesn't really get resolved during this book - but I'm hoping that's because there's some sequels in the making....(note to self, add that to list of questions for Courtney when you meet her) and the ending is straight out of a movie! The words "roll credits" seriously went through my head as I finished the last sentence.

Angelfire has easily moved onto my Highly Recommended list on Good Reads, I will shamelessly try to make everyone I talk to over the next few weeks read it and I can't wait to find out if there will be more of these!!! I feel sorry for whatever I read next....you don't want to follow this act!


A few Favorite Quotes from the book:

"I have a ninja sitting shotgun, of course I'm tense" - Ellie

"I like your mask:, my mouth blabbed stupidly. I wanted to slap my lips off. I like your mask?!" - Ellie

26 February 2011

Book #32 Delirium

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Title: Delirium
Format: ePub on "Mah Nookie"
Pages: 441 (hardcover)
Source: Giving Lauren Oliver another chance since I wasn't a huge fan of her last book "Before I Fall"
Rating: 3 Birds

I really wanted this book knock me off my feet and suck me in. To take me to a meticulously created and described dystopian society and really prove to me that they thought love was a disease. I wanted to like Lauren Oliver. God how I wanted to like this book....

After reading this, I can honestly say - the book didn't knock me off my feet, and I'm still really not sure if I like Lauren Oliver. Cast me out and stone me, I don't care I'm just being honest.

There were a lot of things with this book that irked me, the fist and most important being it didn't grab me until literally half way through the book. It wasn't until then that I felt I needed to keep reading.

Also, and equally as important, until this mid way point the main character seemed to have a perpetual case of PMS. Her mood swings were giving me whip lash. I happy, now I'm angry for no reason and I'm going to say so. I'm tough, I'm scared, I'm tough....ugh....I needed a red bull to keep up. And while you may argue this is a great representation of a 17 year old, I disagree and say it's more like a 13 year old. Very immature for the age trying to be portrayed, and if there is one thing I hate, it's whiny, annoying, wimpy, immature main characters.

Also on the top of my list of things that didn't add up in this novel - this is supposed to be a dystopian society, right? Well this was one created on the very cusp of the definition. You will honestly forget where you are in this book and think you're in modern day times where everything is fine because of all the things she crosses over with no explanation. You want examples? My pleasure:

At one point she describes something as "...too sticky and clingy, like a Jolly Rancher that has been left too long in a hot pocket" so what you're telling me is, half the town doesn't use lights because they can't afford the electric bill but we still have Jolly Rancher factories?

Also, dystopian is supposed to government controlled for the most part and this is, but it's like the government was only a part of some things. For instance, they control Matches and marriage down to the number of kids you are allowed to have. They even tell you you will make x amount of dollars every year when you marry so and so. Yet, there is still a distinct Rich and Poor set of people??? A significant difference not like one gets more food rations, and has a slightly bigger home and maybe nicer clothes....like "We live in a shack and they live in a literal mansion with crystal chandeliers and servants" ???

Maybe my examples are lame, but I truly think Lauren Oliver forgot what and when she was writing...I feel thrown between modern day and this society she "created" through out the books. Pick a setting and stick with it. Please.

So for this I give 3 birds, and say "I really like the cover" - will I read any more Laurn Oliver?Well if I do it won't be on the top of my list. The only reason this book got a 3 off me in the first place is because the last 1/4 of it was good - how I wish the whole thing could have been.


25 February 2011

Book #31 Desires of the Dead

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Title: Desires of the Dead
Format: ePub on "Mah Nookie"
Pages: 368
Source: Been waiting since I read the first book for this to come out.
Rating: 4.5 Birds

Desires of the Dead faired a little worse then it's predecessor The Body Finder, which I literally threw a 5 Birds score at. Book 2 is definitely good, has a great plot with a good twist, though I have to admit a slight bit predictable at parts.

Warning this review will be a bit spoler-y especially for the 1st book if you've not yet read it....trust me you want to read the book before this! I mean, I know my writing is Uh-MAZE-ing but, seriously...

DOTD (Desires of the Dead) starts off about 6 months after the end of TBF (The Body Finder) Violet and Jay are still together and going strong. Now instead of you wanting them realizing they both love each other and they should be together, your gripping the pages going - "Would you just DO IT already". Not that I am an advocate for pre-marital sex, I think it's irresponsible and......HAHAHAH! Who am I kidding, that's where 2 of my 3 kids came from - but still I can advocate it for fictional romances!! So to clear that up, I don't think it's a great idea because of what happened to me (and yes it could happen to you no matter how careful you are being...trust me) but I can't stop it, so there you are. Speech. Over.

Back to the book, Violet has a stalker in this book, and several times through out you get to read things from the stalkers point of view. It's not a creepy burly man, it's clear it's a girl and this person is jealous of her relationship with Jay. So that could be, what...the whole school? Nah, don't get your hopes up, they all but give you the name straight off. All in all the switching perspective thing works, as it did in book one with the killers voice that time - at least with book one you really had NO CLUE who that was and the suspense was there. This is where the book lost half a bird in score....

You meet some new people and I am really excited to see where the next two installment (squee) will take us, I hope not ins some weird stupid science fiction type of place that's just hard to believe. And no, I don't find a girl that can locate dead bodies weird at all. Seriously. I also believe in Fairy's, what of it?

So my final plea - read this series, you will like it. I promise. If you don't, Violet may be finding your body somewhere in the woods...(cue creepy music)

24 February 2011

Book #30 Anna and the French Kiss

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Title: Anna and the French Kiss
Format: ePub on "Mah Nookie"
Pages: 372
Source: Rave Reviews from my friends
Rating: 5 Birds

If there is one thing I have learned, it's to listen to my friends when it comes to book reviews. (with the exception of one book they keep trying to make me read, that I can't get past the first 70 pages of - but that's a story for another day)

And my friends have been raving about this book for, what seems like forever but I'm sure really is only been a few weeks. This book was the first one I have read in awhile that I hated having to put down, always wondering what was on the next page.

It's your quintessential love story, all around. That's all it is. I want to tell you it's more, but it's not. I think that this is exactly why it's so good. There's no complex plot line of mystery, unless you consider the cat and mouse game of girl vs. guy "mystery". It is on the surface what it is in it's core - about a girls first love, and all you guys out there can lean over you barf bags now and proceed - but really this is what girls like! Crave even! I loved every page of this story, I'll recommend it til I'm blue in the face! So READ IT!! :0)

Here's the summary of the book: CAUTION - spoilers ahead: Anna's dad sends her to Paris for school, she meets a boy who is unattainable. Boy is an American raised in England (so he's got the accent *eyebrow waggle*) by his French father. Boy and Girl become best friends. Girls heart breaks because she thinks boy loves her but he's still with his girlfriend, when i reality he does love her but didn't know how to end it with the other girl. In the end love prevales and boy and girl are together. * Contented sigh*


23 February 2011

Book to TV - Another Series lands on the Tube

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I just stumbled across some info on Hollywood Reporter page that said The Lying Game by Sara Shepard will become a TV series and join the line up next to Pretty Little Liars - also a book series by her.

My question is this: How? I get the filming, casting, editing portion - but most books turned into a tv show have a few more books the TWO in the series?? True Blood - 10 books, Pretty Little Liars has 8 released and up to #12 listed as Untitled. The Vampire Diaries has at least 4. There, as far as I can sort out, is not even a third book in the making for The Lying Game....

So, okay is this is, just the 2 because if thats the case they aren't really hoping for a long run on TV then, eh? Why go to all that trouble to make a show and put money into it, to cancel FOR SURE 2 years later. And that's if they use one whole book for one whole season - and sometimes with these YA's, while I love them, that can be a stretch! I know True Blood was doing a book a season but they had enough content per book to make that work. I've never read the other to aforementioned books so I can't tell you how they are doing it.

What are your thoughts on this series becoming a TV show? The Lying Game is a few books down my list to read so I don't even really know if I like it enough to watch it...all I can say (and this from the vampire lover) THANK GOD IT'S NOT ANOTHER VAMPIRE SHOW!

22 February 2011

Total Awesomeness!

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Arriving in the mail for me today, via my good friend Melissa in Illinois:

This beautiful hard cover copy of Prom and Prejudice by Elizabeth Eulberg I can now add this to my shelf of autographed books next to Shiver by Maggie Steifvater and The Replacement by Brenna Yavonoff and a very cool print out of Tessa Gratton's book cover, Blood Magic since it's not yet out. And the copy of Bran Hambric by Kaleb Nation Melissa got for me last year!

Whoo Hoo - thanks Melissa!!! Only now I'm too scared to read it, being signed and all - looks like I'll have to get an ePub version and read it on Mah Nookie. :0)

Book #29 Torment

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Title: Torment (Fallen Series #2)
Author: Lauren Kate
Format: ePub on "Mah Nookie"
Pages: 452
Source: Just Because
Rating: 3.5-4 Birds

I'm just still getting into this whole "angel" business. I think that this is the 4th book I've ever read about the topic, in a fictional way that is and to be honest - it's hard to wrap my head around.

Look, watch the snarky comments: I know that I spend a good 99% of my time reading about fairy's, vampires and a laundry list of other things that go bump in the night, so this new development on the YA scene shouldn't be too much to grasp - but it is! It's weird, even to me! Strange how something people claim to be real and even in some cases can prove can seem more like fiction to me then anything else....

So let's jump to the story then, shall we - before I really start to ramble. I can say I liked this series more then then Hush Hush series by Becca Fitzpatrick, the only angelic fiction I have to compare it too. I kinda got this "Harry Potter-esque feeling near the end when all Luce's friends were gathered with her ready to protect her. I don't know why exactly but it's what pops to mind. Strong story, good plot, kinda getting irritated with this relationship or-lack-there-of-for-protection-reasons story line going on. (Uh, hello can you say NEW MOON) but it plays out well in the end. And ah the end....well let's just say it's set up for a 3rd book.

Other things I feel need mentioning, I love the cover, and we know I'm a cover whore - I totally judge based on them. I would jump a love seat, tackle a 12 year old girl and beat my way to the check out for a pretty cover like this any day. And (choir of angels) it wasn't 5 chapter start off repeat of the first book. Bless you Lauren Kate, and the angel you rode in on.

Giving it a 3.5-4, can't decide. I'm not jumping up and down wanting to call my friends and demand they read it, but I did like it and I will continue the series. I'm rounding up for the photo...I like that brown bird, he's cute. :0)


21 February 2011

Book #28 I Am Number Four

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Title: I Am Number Four
Format: ePub on Mah Nookie
Pages: 440
Source: Book Club "extra credit" for March
Rating: 5 Birds

I had some hesitation about reading this book, the "author" - and I use the term loosely - from what I have read and heard is not in fact an "author". James Frey is more of a entrepreneur who hires writers to give him story bases, and ideas that can become books that will be picked up as movies. You follow all that? Now I give the man points for thinking outside of the box, but all I can think of when I hear his name is a sweat shop full of young writers, and this angry sweaty, possibly overweight man looking over the ideas they give him throwing them in the air yelling "no! Not good enough!". I know James Frey doesn't look like that - but maybe he can take that and make a book out of it....

So, back to the story itself and why I did read it. It's already a movie (which I would have gladly boycotted if they didn't put Alex Pettyfer in it as Number 4) and I always have to read the book before the movie. Also, it's a book club extra credit so unless I want to listen to an hour of my friends talking about the book I had better suck it up and read it.

The book, was great. I can tell it was written with the hopes of being picked up as a movie, it flowed like a script with out all the extra "fade in" stuff. The plot was new to me, I don't read a lot of Alien books so maybe this is why.

There are 9 kids from planet Lorien who are sent to Earth when their planets race is wiped out in war. The hope is the 9 will one day return the the planet and repopulate it. The Mogadorians, who killed off their race in the first place come to Earth looking for them, and because of a Loriac charm can only kill them in number order. The first three are dead.....John is number 4.

There's the right amount is suspense, you get some tiny cliff hangers at the end that will make you anxious for the next book in the series, but so much it will drive you crazy before it comes out. PS The Power of Six will be out on August 23 201, my 3 year wedding anniversary actually......not sure what happened to 5...maybe "Pittacus" missed the counting day in school. Either way, I will read the second in the series, I will see the movie but I will grumble under my breath about what a horrid man I think James Fray to be. That'll show em'.


18 February 2011

Book #27 Matched - Ally Condie

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Phew, took a break there for a bit didn't I? Sorry about that. I had family in town and no time to read!

I started back up with Matched, which is one of the March books for my book club. Here's the details:

Title: Matched
Author: Ally Condie
Format: ePub on "Mah Nookie"
Pages: 366
Source: Book Club.
Rating: 4 to 4.5 Birds

I have to admit that when I started this book I was kinda annoyed. It was really repetitive. I felt like I was going in circles. Luckily that only lasted for the first 1/3 of the book. Annoying still none the less.

After I got through all that, and the story picked up I could really focus on this Dystopian Society and realize just how horrible it would be if the government controlled everything we did, ate, wore. Sometimes when things get really bad I would honestly wonder what could be so bad about it....well....this book will put it into perspective for you. Everything chosen for you right down to who you marry. Can you imagine? To never have a choice.

Luckily this book has a great lead character, Cassia who is strong willed and has a fighting spirit. She's very well "built", not wishy-washy or whiny like some of our heroines in books out these days. It's easy to imagine her questioning authority and standing up for herself.

The one thing this book has that pretty much every book I read has - the typical "love triangle" - it's a must in these YA's isn't it. You would think that I would be sick of them by now, but really - who doesn't love a good love triangle?? See, I knew it! We all love them!

I'm giving up a 4 - 4.5 birds on this. I can't decide, the beginning of the book which wasn't all that great was a huge factor for me....I can't let it slide.


09 February 2011

Almost forgot!

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My book club - The Book Fluffers, is doing the Mortal Instruments and Infernal Devices for out February meeting. I've read them all before, but I need to brush up because it's been a really long time and I've read so much since then....and I'm also in charge of all discussions for the meeting...better not get my info mixed up!

So before I get to Matched and I Am Number Four, which coincidently are my books for book club NEXT month...(I am Number Four is extra credit so we can all go see the movie together) I need to re-read City of Ashes and City of Glass... thankfully my re-reads go fast.

08 February 2011

Dash & Lily's Book Of Dares

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Title: Dash and Lily's Book of Dares
Author: Rachel Cohn & David Levithan
Format: Borrowed from Library
Pages: 206
Source: I loved Nick & Nora's Infinite Playlist (movie), same author.
Rating: 5 Birds

First things first, this book is going to be made into a movie and I am freaking thrilled. All I kept thinking the whole way through was "This would be an awesome movie", and thanks to IMDb I now know that it is in 2013. So far away. Thank you IMDb, I loves you.

The second thing I thought if the whole way through this book is that I sincerely wished I could put my words together as well as the authors of this book. It's very..... Dawson's Creek-ish. 16 year olds with vocabulary's so big it made me,a t the age of 31 one feel like I was in first grade.

I loved, loved LOVED this book. Teh concpt was so simple yet so complex at the same time. One of those, why didn't I think of that kind of things.

I laughed out loud continually, imagining the conversation between Dash and Great Aunt Ida playing out in front of me, dogs dragging people across rooms, majorette boot on one foot and converse on the other...the list goes on an on.

The imagery created by the words was unreal. It wasn't "this was an old room" it was "I expected Sherlock Holmes and Jane Austin to be thumb wrestling in the corner." Something was never red, it was "soaked in red wine",. Words I would kill to have the ability to use with out sounding like an idiot.

This book is beyond quotable, I will be buying my own copy to highlight, dog ear and drag around with me. In the true form of the novel - I dare you to read this and not love it. My poorly constructed review doesn't do it justice.

5 Birds Easy!


07 February 2011

New Format...

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I'm noticing that a lot of book blogs have a standard form for all their readings, it looks something like this:

Release date: October 26, 2010
Source: Bought
Age Group: Young Adult

Do you think that this is helpful? What other info can I include to make it helful or should I just skip it all together?

Let The Right One In - Book #25

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472 pages, 6 point font.

My eyes hurt more from reading this, the looking at "Mah Nookie" (nook color) for hours.

First things first, Thank you John Ajvide Lindqvist for redeeming Swedish writers for me. I enjoyed this book, it wasn't "wordy" and overly descriptive like some peoples books *cough cough Steig Larsson*

I put this book off until my husband came home from a business trip because everyone said it was "chilling" and "scary" and you know what....they must have read a different book. LOL. Sorry about it, but it wasn't scary in the slightest. A bit disturbing from time to time and an awesome twist on the Vampire folk lore but scary...nope. The movie I can see could be, add some music and suspense and it will be down right terrifying. The movie will now be next on my list of things to watch, it's tradition. Read the book then watch the movie. Compare and complain *wink*

In the end, it was a lot of book. A good book. Honestly I would simply suggest you watch the movie unless you are one of those types that have to read it before you can watch it. I'm just going with "Good" though. I wanted to be terrified, and I wasn't. 3 Birds it is for you, maybe a 3.5. I hate that I keep feeling like I need to explain my score better - I feel like I am being harsh, I just wasn't knocked off my feet.


Slow Reading and Richelle Mead (A Hodge Podge of Info Today)

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I feel like a slacker for taking so long to finish Let The Right One In by John Ajvide Lindqvis. Sure it's a fine print book, about 450 pages or so, but I should still be done by now. As it turns out I have to do things other then reading. Ug, I know right! How annoying!

The book is great, FYI if you're waiting around for my review to decide if ti's worth your time. I know how many of you hang on my every word...*catch that sarcasm* I don't want to say too much about it and ruin my upcoming review, so we will just leave it at that.

Now onto something really cool. You may not know that I am apart of a book club called The Book Fluffers, and we sometimes choose our books for the month based on upcoming signings, movies and such that coincide with them - this way we get a book club meeting and a field trip! (It's very important to get your working or stay at home moms out of the house from time to time for interaction with other moms.)

Well one such outing was to a book signing by Richelle Mead for the launch of her 6th and final book in the Vampire Academy series back in December. Yes we read the whole series in a month. It's YA, not a Japanese rice cultivation manual with no translations.

Richelle was snowed out of Minnesota unfortunately, but 6 of our members braved the snow covered roads and made it to the Mall of America before they officially canceled her meet and greet *sad face* True to my friends, they made the best of the situation, had some fun and Richelle Mead heard about it. She was so thrilled to see the fun they had, she blogged about it!!! Check out her blog by CLICKING HERE.

I love my friends!

03 February 2011

The Line

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Book 24, The Line by Teri Hall

Another one of those "almost wanted to give up in the beginning" type books. Let me explain before you think I'm saying this wasn't a good book.

The first 6 chapters have so little to actually do with the story line I almost thought there was a publishing error at one point. I read so much about orchids and the proper care, feeding, watering and cross pollination of them I could very well work in a green house now. It seemed that was most of what the first several chapters were focused on. What you do get out of this flower information, and what I assume the author was going for with it, is great character development that you would be lost with out. Still a bit heavy on the flower talk.

The best way I can explain the book as a whole is like this: Those first 6 chapters are like the upward clime of a roller coaster which has only one drop. Everything after is the whirlwind ride, screaming to the bottom. The story after those chapters, comes flying at you so fast, and with so much momentum you can't put the book down. And just like a roller coaster with one descent would make you feel, you feel a bit rushed and a little ripped off at the end.

The ending is good - but I turned the page hoping for more. I read so many little things that when the wonderful stuff rolled in I couldn't get enough and it was just gone too fast.

This book is clearly set up for a sequel, The Away will be released in 2011 and I am really anxious to read it. I am really glad there will be one, I feel like now that we have all the "filler" out of the way we can jump right in with both feet for book 2, get to the good stuff and not be wasting any time.

This book gets a 3.5 bird rating (that's become common lately too) Too much filler at the beginning for me, and not enough story took off a Full Bird. Basic advice on this one, if you don't like cliffhangers, wait for the sequel then read them together. This book took me all of 4 hours to get through, but it was a well spent 4 hours! A perfect little escape.


02 February 2011

Before I Fall

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Book #23 of the year started out with having to force myself past page 40. This was the first book by Lauren Oliver I had ever read and I was seriously considering removing her other book from my "To Read" list based solely on the first chapter of Before I Fall.

You see, I have to be able to identify with some part of a main character in order to really get into a book. Well Lauren Oliver wrote about the one thing I hate, one thing I never was and one thing I can honestly say as an adult I am happy I never was

The Popular High School Girl. *shakes out arms from the heebie jeebies*

The first chapter (and I use this term lightly because there are like 6 chapters and the book is nearly 500 pages long) are all rich girls floating around their high school, oblivious to the world around them acting like snobs and bitches and generally in a way that makes you want to kick them while wearing golf cleats. Ugh, I almost didn't make it folks I almost just put the book down and waved the white flag for the second time this year.

But then, it happened. I can honestly say a fictional car accident has never brought me more joy then thins one did. Because then the story gets amazing and we follow Sam, our main character around as she relives the last day of her life 7 times. Watch as she tried to right the wrongs, and sort out what really happened to her on the day that she dies.

This book would be an awesome after school special. Reasons not to bully, why you shouldn't drink and drive, why you should be thankful for everything you have....all things you learn in this book - I can see the preview for it on Lifetime already.

In the end Before I Fall gets a 3 and half. It was good, not too too great. It wasn't really my style but I can't take too many points off for that alone. The ending, was literally that...the end. It stops and you are left wondering what the hell? Nothings really "done" if you see what I mean. At least I felt really out in the cold about it.


01 February 2011

Flutter - Amanda Hocking

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Flutter, the 3rd installment in the My Blood Approves series by Amanda Hocking, does not disappoint! I am really liking the Vampire world she has created! I know you're probably like "It's a vampire book, how could it be any different then all the others" - well like Stephanie Meyer makes her's sparkle, Amanda Hocking allows her to have a beating heart and leans more to the side of vampireism as being a disease instead of something that turns you into a creature that disintegrates in the sun, or breaks apart like stone. I promise this vampire series has some twists you wouldn't expect.

So lets get a run down here of whats happening in this book. Alice is turned, so is Milo (obviously, that's not new) Peter has taken off and Alice and Ezra have to go find him and bring him back. Some unfortunate things happen while they are out looking for him. Mae wants to turn a child, and at least 5 times I was heard to be yelling "OMG sleep with him already!" about Alice and Jack. Weather or not the finally do the deed, you'll have to read the book to find out.

That's my cliff notes version, I'm not giving you anymore info, you can find it out on your own :0)
Get the book on a ny reading device or on Amazon HERE

She gets a 4 Bird rating :0)

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