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By: | Dec 12, 2011

Today on MMSAI we have Lissa from My Own Worst Frenemy participating in a This or That – letting us know which of two options she prefers best, and why.

To see more about My Own Worst Frenemy and it’s characters click the banner below to be taken to a list of participating blogs. And as always thanks to The {Teen}Book Scene for putting this tour together and for Lissa for stopping in.

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1. Facebook or Twitter

Twitter: I’m a very interesting person and I want to share with my followers the minute I do something interesting. Which is often.

2. Hardcover or Paperback

Hardcover: I like first editions of everything.

Rock or Jazz

Jazz: I don’t really get it, but it sounds more elegant.

3. Chinese or Italian food

Italian: Anything Italian, really. Italy is the fashion capital of the world, so they must know what they’re doing. I mean, would you read Chinese Vogue to prep for Fashion Week? Is there even a Chinese Vogue?

4. Heels or Flats

Heels: Unless I’m doing something sports-related or I’m at Langdon Prep, I never, ever wear flats. Unless they’re showing on the runways next season.

5. Pink or Blue

Pink: It’s a cheerful color, unlike blue, which makes me think of sad, depressing things like the blues, or blue-collar jobs. And I love Lily Pullitzer, which is all about the pink. But who doesn’t?

6. Theater or Home to watch a movie

Home: I’m not really into movies, but when I do watch, it’s in the privacy of our home theater, which is ginormous. I can’t deal with the sticky floors covered in popcorn and some stranger sitting next to me who thinks more is better when it comes to cheap cologne. I do have season tickets at the actual theater – box seats, of course.

iPhone: No, Droid. It doesn’t matter – whichever one costs more and is the most difficult to get when a new version comes out.

7. Coffee or Tea

Tea: With scones – very British.

8. You believe in Ghosts or fairies

Faeries: But not since I was, like, two. I remember being a very mature two-year-old.

9. Try it on in the store OR buy it and hope for the best at home

At home: Because my room has great lighting and a three way mirror like in the stores, but bigger. I can always have my maid return it if it doesn’t fit. Wait…I just had a fab idea. I should donate it to one of those new scholarship girls at Langdon Prep. It would buy me a ton of brownie points with Headmistress Smythe, and probably won’t hurt the voting when I run for Homecoming Queen. Not that I’m worried.

10. Sky diving or snow skiing

Snow skiing: We have a place in Aspen, and it’s an excuse to shop for a new ski wardrobe every season. I look good swishing down the slopes. Let’s face it – even I wouldn’t look cute with a parachute strapped to my back. Besides, what’s the point of jumping out a perfectly good private jet? Now if I had to fly commercial, I’d probably consider it…

11. Wine or Beer

Wine: But I took a pledge against underage drinking when I began serving on the teen board of MADD so on the record, I am against beer and wine. This is off the record, though, right?

12. Pooh Bear or Tigger

Tigger: He’s a little silly with all the jumping around, but he’s self-aware. I can relate to that – people tell me I’m very self-aware. Besides, Pooh Bear was so friendly to everyone. Where’s the fun in that?

13. Laptop or Desk Top

Netbook: It’s small enough to fit into my new Kate Spade. I picked it up when I was in New York last weekend – special order. I’m pretty sure I saw one of the Olsen twins carrying it while I was there…

Read more about Lissa, and find MOWF’s author Kimberly Reid:

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  1. This books sounds really good, and the interview was hilarious, good job!

  2. I just stared reading Kimberly Reid's first YA novel & so far it's good....


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