Thursday, December 22, 2011

{Character Interview} Aunt Mindy from Flyaway

We’d like to welcome Aunt Mindy from Flyaway to our blog today.  As part of the tour for The {Teen} Book Scene, we were able to garner a special interview with the woman who ended up taking care of her niece after abandonment left Stevie alone and uncared for.


What made you decide that taking in your niece would be the right thing to do?

It wasn’t really even a decision – I just knew I had to do it. I’ve always loved Stevie and have worried endlessly about my sister’s ability to give her the kind of home she needs. When the opportunity came along to take care of her, I jumped at the chance to be involved in her life.

Do you see a lot of yourself reflected in others that surround you?

If you’re asking if I see myself in my sister, I’ll have to say no. June and I have always been very different. She seems to seek out trouble, where I’ve always tried to live a stable, positive life. But if you’re asking if I see myself in Stevie…well, maybe a little. I see a strength in her that I’d like to think is also part of me. People don’t realize it, but it took a lot of courage to move to Seattle on my own and start a business. I hope that Stevie will have that same kind of courage when it comes time to make decisions about where she’ll go in life.

What's the one thing of utmost importance to you?

I guess it would have to be helping things – and people – grow. I spend a lot of time in my garden because I love to care for plants, to watch them grow from tiny seeds into beautiful flowers or trees. In a way, that’s what I do in my work at the Pilates studio, too, although there it’s the bodies of my clients that I’m nurturing. In the same way, I love having the chance to watch Stevie grow and develop into a strong, intelligent young woman.

Do you believe that things are deeper then they seem?

Absolutely. I find evidence of it in my garden all the time: we only see what’s above the soil, but there’s a whole world underneath. I think that’s true of most things in our lives.

What is your biggest regret in life?

I wish I’d had a better relationship with my sister. If I had listened to her and supported her instead of always judging her and getting on her case, she might have ended up making better decisions and providing a more positive life for Stevie. I don’t know if I can ever mend my relationship with June, but I like to think that in some way I can make things up to her by being there for her daughter.

We’d like to thank Aunt Mindy for stopping by the blog today.  As a special surprise, one special follower can win a copy of Flyaway by filling out a form HERE!  Winner will be drawn at random on 12/29 – contest is open to US residents only.  Good luck!

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