28 December 2011

{Book Review} My Monster Burrufu

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My Monster Burrufu
Author: Alberto Corral
Illustrator: Alessandra Sorrentino
Format: Paperback
Pages: 104
Publisher: Petite Grande Idee
Published: April 28, 2011
Genre: Children’s
Rating: 5 Birds

Seven-year-old Olivia has just moved to a new house — the same house where a lonely monster named Burrufu lives hidden in a secret attic. One night, unable to resist the smell of delicious cookies, Burrufu sneaks out and is discovered by Olivia. The two soon learn that you can find friendship in the most unexpected places. 'My Monster Burrufu' is a story of overcoming fear, a curse, and a most unusual monster who learns from a little girl how to trust his heart

Given a chance to read a children’s book, I was a little hesitant at first.  But knowing I have nieces and a nephew who will be getting into books very soon made me think “You know what, I need to read a few kids books to see what’s out these days!”

This book is incredibly cute – and from the view of Olivia who’s just seven years old, it gave me a new outlook on the way children see things.  She has to move to this strange house where she has no clue what will happen…but she’s good for anything as long as it’s with her dad. 

So a monster?  In a house?  It’s true.  But where does this monster live, and how does he get out?  Cookies are the answer in a way.  Once Olivia learns that there’s this ‘thing’ living in her house, she does whatever she can to find out what…or who…it is.  She’s such a vibrant little girl, trying to learn anything and everything she can about this monster.  All Olivia wants from this monster is to be his friend.

Can this little girl get to know a monster who wants nothing to do with the outside world?  You’ll just have to read it and find out.

I’d highly recommend this book to kids, and even to parents who want to use it for story time!  I loved reading it and seeing the illustrations!

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  1. That sounds like a super cute book. I might have to get it to read to my daughter. I have been considering doing some children's book reviews on my blog too. I just did a middle grade book that was pretty good.


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