27 December 2011

{Book Review} Asha in Time

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Asha in Time
Author: Mandy Nachampassack-Maloney
Format: eBook
Pages: 143
Publisher: Self Published
Published: May 31, 2011
Rating: 4 Birds

She was special. Her parents knew that; though it was not her sable hair, her wide amber eyes, but the fact that she had memories of things she could not possibly know. She remembered the palace of ancient Thebes, the palace pharaohs and queens had walked in. Finally, on her thirteenth birthday, she would find out where her memories were born. She would return to ancient Egypt to get her answers, but she had no idea that he was waiting for her.
She'll have to use all her wits and wiles to find her way in Egypt and into his heart without destroying herself.

Once again, thank you to The {Teen} Book Scene for this tour.  If you remember, we got to ask author Mandy what songs conveyed the feeling of Asha in Time HERE. Now we also have the privilege of posting a review. Be sure to check out all the other author guest posts and reviews on this tour by clicking the banner!

My take: A short synopsis always makes me curious…and when they use the words “ancient Egypt", it makes me even MORE curious.  So I thought, hey why not?  Good choice on my part!

Asha in Time was filled with so much mystery, desire, and everything that makes you think “how did they even manage?”  Learning this story about a girl who’s taken from one time to another as a baby, then thrown back to her original life when she turns thirteen was a strange turn of events.  And finding Solada and Fisher who are just these simplistic nobody’s that end up in this crazy world…pretty amazing.

Not only is this a story, but a telling of life from different perspectives.  The thing I think that surprised me was how differently each person sees things.  In life, people will see things differently, but from the perspective of a modern world person placed into an ancient time, it’s easy to see just how unlike her normal world ancient Egypt really is.

There’s such rich history throughout the story – from the descriptions of the different areas that each character ventures through, to the telling of religion, general beliefs and what everything really means.

Not wanting to give the story away, I think everyone should just give it a shot to see why I found this story intriguing.  It’s like solving a mystery, but finding a life, a way home, and meaning all in one. 

Ok so maybe you’re not looking at this going “I need to read this…right now.”  But at least consider expanding your horizons and put it on your TBR pile!

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  1. I thought this was a creative, really good love story through time. I didn't find it offensive or overly sexual at all. The characters and plot was interesting and the author helped bring ancient egypt to life. It was a feel good read.

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