Sunday, November 20, 2011

Changes Are a Coming!

Dear lovely readers and supporters of MMSAI -

First off - How I love you all. Truly! You make my world by stopping in here and I thank you for all you do to keep MMSAI going!

Down to business. This is the first of a few notes you’ll see over the coming weeks about some changes coming to MMSAI set to happen in 2012.

I’ll start small. The book tours I host are going to be put on hold indefinitely. The unreliability of the United States Postal Service and the ungodly prices of UPS are preventing me from running things smoothly.

In 6 months, the post off has lost not one, not two, not four BUT SIX of my packages and this, to me is inexcusable. I already pay extra to have a delivery confirmation number on them, and next is insurance which for an ARC will do me no good. They only pay you face value for your lost item and as ARCS have no monetary value at all, can’t be bought and can’t be replaced, I’d be throwing my money away and just starting a cat fight with people who could care less.

I have held off on outright trashing the post office via MMSAI because I found it to be unprofessional, but this current package lost has sent me over the edge and with it my care for what anyone thinks about my rant.

Yes, I mail more items than the average bear – but I don’t find it to be above and beyond the call of duty for the people working at the post off to PAY ATTENTION to what they are doing to assure peoples items arrive at their destinations. They are paid, rather well mind you, for their work and because they are a “monopoly” they don’t care for customer service or if they lose anything because really, where else will we go to mail items at a reasonable price.

I apologize to all my readers and the amazing publishers and authors who have entrusted me to run tours for them thus far. Until I can suss out the issue and get some clarification as to why I seem to be the only person on the planet effected by this, there will be no more book tours.

All tours currently running will finish out, so if you are signed up – do not fear!

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  1. I hink with the USPS, that you can file a complaint on the main website or actually call someone about this problem. Depending on the severity of it or how many other's have made complaints, they may actually send someone in to check out the problem from one of the main headquarters.

    So a good thing is to gather all documentation for each package you sent out and get in contact with the USPS about it. I forget what it is called, but I think there is a rule/law within that postal system regarding lost items, because it's a government based job, so it's dealt with differently.

    But I hope everything turns out alright soon before Christmas for you with all this mess up. Sending happy thoughts and warm wishes your way!

  2. I have complained. They don't care. That's the sad part.

    I've called on everything. *sniff* So tired of this. I think my stuff is being stolen to be honest but it can't be proven.

  3. ^^^ In regards to my prior post, here is the link to the USPS Office of Inspection:

    I'm hoping this helps you get closer to getting things straightened out.

  4. Aw its okay. I understand. I don't mail that often at all, but they lost one of my packages before, and it's not like they'll replace it so it's a risk everytime you mail something. No sweat, it's oaky

  5. That's awful, and you're right, if it's an ARC you didn't pay for, they probably won't reimburse and you can't necessarily get another one. :( Ugh, I'm sorry, Amber!

  6. How well do you know your mail person or whose in your PO? Could be someone is aware of what's in the packages and absconding with them. 6 packages is just to suspicious to be coincidental. Sounds like a bit of foul play is amok, to me.

    I live in an incredibly small town and I get at least 4 books a week and have never lost one!

    Somethings fishy, Chica, that's all I'm sayin'

    I hope you file a complaint, you have D/C's for all the packages-that means they can trace them to the PO-now all they have to do is find out who, what or where the books are.

    Good luck, Toots, that sucks so bad for you and I know you've put a lot of work into this. Fingers crossed that this gets straightened out :o]

  7. I am someone who happens to LOVE the US Postal Service. But as of lately I have had this same problem. I recently sent a bunch of family photos through the USPS (cause I have never had a problem with them) and it is cheaper. They already lost one of the packages, one was just know returned back to me (I sent them back in Sept.) for no reason that I can think of and since only 2 out of the 6 people I sent these too have called and thanked me... I am worried if the others ever got to there destinations.

  8. Sorry you have had bad luck lately. Hopefully your packages will be found!

  9. recently I tried mailing from the UPS store, because they offer USPS service as well, just to see if it was the actual USPS office....and it was still lost.

    My post office knows whats in the packages, it's media mail so it has to be books. They ask, I say yes. I know I've told them what I do, because they ask about my mailing label and my "company" name. I'm just so fed up. I filed a complaint with the post office police and will try to dig up the DCs for the others. Problem is, I cut my loses. I NEVER assumed it would escalate into something where I would need those numbers again so i doubt very much I even have it still.

    Weirder still, and what sparked them starting an investigation is that NONE of them have even been returned to me. They are getting stolen somewhere, and it has to be in state.


  10. I am so sorry to hear that, but I certainly understand your frustration.....

  11. I know all about losing packages... I'm in Canada, and I've had several packages I was expecting -- packages of books sent to me from publishers/bloggers -- just never show up. I swear they went to a house up the street (the north version of my address... we're the south version of the same number), but I can't "prove" it, 'cause I can't go knocking on their door and demand they tell me (it's illegal). So, I've called the P.O, and while they said they'd do something, I never heard back from them. :(

    So, yeah... frustrating. I totally understand.


  12. I just moved across the country and used media mail to move all my books. They lost an entire box of my books. I've never had a problem before, so I didn't do the insurance, and now I'm a little devastated.


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