12 November 2011

{Book Review} Sign Language + Giveaway

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Sign Language
Author: Amy Ackley
Pages: 336
Release Date: August 18th 2011
Publisher: Viking Juvenile
Format: Hardcover
Rating: 5 Birds
Twelve-year-old Abby North's first hint that something is really wrong with her dad is how long it's taking him to recover from what she thought was routine surgery. Soon, the thing she calls "It" has a real name: cancer. Before, her biggest concerns were her annoying brother, the crush unaware of her existence, and her changing feelings for her best friend, Spence, the boy across the street. Now, her mother cries in the shower, her father is exhausted, and nothing is normal anymore. Amy Ackley's impressive debut is wrenching, heartbreaking, and utterly true.
This book is for anyone who has lost a family member or friend. For anyone who has lost someone to cancer. For anyone who was ever confused, sorting through emotions and falling in love at the age of 15. For anyone who want’s to read an emotionally charged, deeply personal, nothing held back account of life, loss and finding yourself as a teenager.

This book is for you.

I started this book the day before the review was due.  To be honest I read very fast and only need about 3-5 hours to finish something, though being a mom and having other things to do – sometimes those hours are hard to find. But this was a good night, all the hours right in a row, and so I sat down to read.
Half way through the book, you guys: I was ROCKED, emotionally. I very literally couldn't see through my tears and had to put the book down so I could gather myself. The tale of Abby’s father’s cancer is so raw and honest that my heart broke for Abby with every word. More then that, I could relate. 4 years ago I stood over the bed of my grandfather and watched cancer win.

Ackely also has a superior way of getting into to the head of a teenaged girl. Yes, I do realize at one point she was one, but as we get older we lose bits. Forget why something was so important, or how it felt just sit and look at something through the eyes of someone that age. She didn’t miss a thing, from struggles with make up and hair, to awkward feelings around boys…it’s all there.

The is a brilliantly written coming of age story that shouldn’t just be on everyone's TBR pile but required reading for all. I commend Amy for having the courage to write, what must have been in some way as personal experience and putting it out there for the world to share in.

This novel is beautiful, and heart wrenching and will touch everyone in their own way. Because I’m so certain you too will like it, and because I refused to part with my now cherish and beloved copy from Amy, she has offered up another one for one of my readers! It will be personalized to the winner!
Thank you Amy for the contest, and thank you for Sign Language!


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Memorable Quote:
“The Earth never stops spinning, Abby, no matter how fast you run in the opposite direction” – Mr. North
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  1. I just finished "A Monster Calls" so I don't know if I am ready for another "Cancer" book, but this one sounds really, really interesting. I think this would be a good book to give to my friends daughter, she just lost her Grandfather (her only male role model) to Brain Cancer.

    My latest posts: On My Wishlist,Review: A Monsster Calls and a Giveaway!

  2. This sounds like a really beautiful novel, I would love to read it!


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