Tuesday, October 25, 2011

{Tens List} With Catherine Ryan Hyde

Today we’ve got a fun Tens List from Catherine Ryan Hyde as part of The {Teen} Book Scene blog tour. And She tells us the first 10 things she would buy if she won a hundred million dollars. Everyones dream? Right!?

We’ll here’s her answer!

10 Items you would buy right away if you won 100 Million dollars

1) Some kind of time-share on a private jet. Not that I ever want to be one of those super-rich folks who own their own jet. But just some nice plan for getting time on one when I needed it. Because then I would never have to fly on a commercial airline again! (I can feel the relief just typing that.)


2) The equivalent of a round-trip ticket on said jet to all just about all over the world. I want to go to Nepal and Tibet and China and Scotland and Wales and Iceland and Norway. I just really hate flying on commercial airlines. And I’d hire great guides and translators in those countries, so I could hike the Annapurna circuit and the Great Wall of China with someone who could help me figure out what I’m doing. And I’d tip really well!

3) A piece of land. Someplace I could drive to in a couple of hours. But much more remote. Even off-the-grid remote would be nice, with solar panels instead of electric lines and a well instead of piped-in water. But the most important thing is that it would be zoned for horses. I’d really like to have a horse again. But not if I had to board him. Only if he could live on a place I actually owned. Oh, and it should have some kind of small guest house, so someone who needed a free place to live could tend the horses when I’m not around.

4) A four-wheel drive vehicle for getting down really gnarly dirt roads to really remote trailheads.

5) The rest of my house. I mean, I own my house. As far as that goes. But it would be really nice to buy the mortgage back from the bank. What an amazing feeling that would be, to own the roof over your head free and clear. No payments.

6) An outrageously expensive assortment of leather boots and bags. I have kind of aBrown distressed boots and bag thing for them. If I’m walking along and I see a really amazing leather bag in a store window, I tend to stop in my tracks—without meaning to—and say “oooh.” Out loud. But I can’t afford to really indulge that craving. But in your imaginary scenario I would.

7) An assistant, to do all the little errandy things I don’t like to do, but somebody has to do them. (Although I had an assistant for a time, during the Pay It Forward days, and it was more trouble than it was worth. So I might be wrong about this.)

8) A really high-tech GPS and a PLB (personal locator beacon) so I could be much more experimental about plunging into the wilderness on my own route-finding skills. Right now it seems more economical to stay on well-marked trails and look where I’m going. (Which is maybe not such a bad thing.)ar123000353846214

9) A private Yoga teacher to come to my house every day and guide my Yoga sessions. I’d make a lot more progress.

10) Now, granted that leaves me quite a lot of change. Because, given that I’m working with 100 million, my needs are pretty basic. I’m really not terribly material, and though I’d love to hike and travel more, I’m not so big on toys and “things.” So the rest I would pay forward. Maybe start a foundation to give grants to struggling writers. Since hardly anybody does anymore. And that would probably be the best feeling I could “buy” anyway.


Catherine, thanks so much for stopping in, and feel free to buy us some stuff to, should you ever win that jackpot ;0)

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  1. Great list! I have to agree with all of it, especially the assistant, that would be wonderful to have! :)


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