20 October 2011

{Novella Review} Love’s Long Shadow

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Loves Long Shadow
Love’s Long Shadow
Author: Ciara Knight
Publisher: Turquoise Morning Press
Published: October 3rd, 2011
Format: eBook – Novella
Pages: 45
Rating: 2 Birds

Sammy Lorre was cast from Heaven for conduct unbecoming an angel. Living in a demon infested small town with no memory of her previous life, she faces never-ending purgatory until Boon saunters into her life with a promise of angelic love. But is he an angel from Heaven or a minion from the underworld preying on her human emotions? To discover his true identity, she must risk eternal damnation and her heart.

Okay, so Love's Long Shadow! Very quick read and fantastic writing style. That's about it really. It's very difficult to point out what's good about this book. I would almost definitely read more from Author as she has great potential but something definitely went wrong with this Novella. So I'm going to break it into three points.
  1. Length – It needed to be longer. I felt as if a 350 book had been crammed into 45 pages and so to fit everything in I had a slew of information to keep up with and I couldn't connect with the characters at all. I would have liked to have seen Sammy and Boon's relationship develop more and I had no picture of where Sammy was living at all. I wanted to know what her bedroom looked like and what she does with her day but instead I got short, quick snippets, as if she doesn't exist unless Boon's scene is up.
  1. Characters – The length didn't help and the stereotyping made it worse. If you're into insta-love, great but I prefer Anna and the French Kiss style relationships so I suppose I really didn't 'get' their relationship at all. Boon is a stereotypical Daniel (Fallen) and Sammy is a stereotypical Luce (also Fallen), except weaker.
  1. I've Read That Before – Speaking of Fallen parts of this story seemed rather similar, which didn't impress me at all. I want something new and fresh, insta-love and scenes I've read 20 times before don't equal stars I'm afraid.
If you love books like Fallen and Twilight, then great, grab this and have a good read! If you're a bit pickier like me, definitely keep an eye on this Author as I believe they will be getting better and better at their craft...
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