13 October 2011

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Today we welcome author Carolyn MacCullough to the blog as part of The {Teen} Book Scene tour for Always A Witch! Not only were we given the opportunity to read both books for this series (Once A Witch as well as Always A Witch) but we got to have Carolyn give us a little bit of “What would your characters read?”

So what happened when Ms MacCullough gave us a post?  Why don’t you check this out and see!


I’ve been asked to write about what kinds of books my characters either do love or would love and I have say this kind of question both delights me and throws me into a panic! Delights me because I get to think and explore more of my characters than ever before and throws me into a panic because well, I want to get this just right. As always. (One of these days my perfectionist tendencies are going to kill me. It’s no wonder I became a YA writer. I clearly long to redo my high school years and GET THEM RIGHT. Er . . . I digress. Okay back to books).

Tamsin Greene, my main character from my YA paranormal novel, Once a Witch is an outsider in her own family (even though at the same time she’s fiercely devoted and loyal to them)—she was supposed to have been born a powerful witch, one of the most powerful witches in her entire family and that’s saying a lot since there are some seriously powerful witches in her family. And yet, it didn’t happen. So, Tamsin at seventeen is like the reverse black sheep. She’s stuck in a magical family and she’s utterly without magic herself.

Now, like most of us, she wants to read books where she can identify with the main character. So, two books that Tamsin would absolutely adore are The Hero and the Crown and its companion book, The Blue Sword, both written by Robin McKinley.

In The Hero and The Crown, Aerin is born of a witch (so far so good for Tamsin) and yet she is an outcast in her own family (batting two for two here for Tamsin). Aerin is the true daughter of the king of Damar and yet people whisper about her mother who happened to be a witch and who they think ensnared Aerin’s father into marrying her. When Aerin’s mother learned that she had given birth to a girl, she died of despair and so Aerin is left to grow up amongst the whispers and rumors of a hostile royal court.

But Aerin is no shrinking violet. She takes matters into her own hands and rides off (literally) to slay dragons and win her father’s approval. In the process, she learns to control her own powers and to save her family from one very powerful enemy. The sequel or companion book (which was actually written first) is The Blue Sword. This book features yet another awesome heroine—this time called Harry. After her father dies, Harry travels to a remote desert outpost to join her brother’s garrison. Yet once she arrives there, she finds herself falling under the spell of the desert, once a part of the rich green kingdom Damar—a kingdom that has greatly diminished since Aerin’s time. Now the last of the Damarians, the Hillfolk, shy away from Harry’s people and yet she finds herself strangely drawn to them. Good thing too since she ends up getting kidnapped by their golden-eyed king, Corlath. Midnight rides across the desert, horses, swords, ancient sword fighting contests, and sorcery and all kinds of battle—oh and of course love. As Harry finds that she has more in common with those free Hillfolk than she ever realized, strange powers start awakening in her. (This would be a dream come true for Tamsin—and actually something similar does happen to her in Once a Witch).

These two books star heroines who aren’t afraid of their destinies even if their destinies materialize in a sudden and startling fashion and lead them to places they never imagined traveling to. And since Tamsin would happily wield a sword and race a horse across the desert if her life called for it, I think both The Hero and the Crown and The Blue Sword are two books that would just lodge themselves deeply into Tamsin’s soul.

Thank you so much to Carolyn for being on our blog today!

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Make sure to check back here on Saturday October 15 for the review of Once a Witch and October 28 for Always a Witch!

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  1. What a fun idea to pick the characters book choices. Based on what Tamsin sounds like, seems you made a terrific pick!


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